Aunty Beeb is Anti-British?

That's what a lot of folks have been saying for years. Now it's official after the contents of an 'impartiality summit' of high BBC execs & media figures was leaked. Read about it here.

There's lots of inane revelations, like how it would be okay to toss a Christian Bible into a trashcan, but not a Muslim Koran, and how female Muslim newsreaders should wear veils. All kinds of stuff showing political correctness run amok. Political correctness that endangers the very liberties it needs to exist.

Will the leaking of this report lead to any change at the venerable Beeb?

Probably not.

If there's one thing I've learned about the political left and the politically correct, it's that they are completely unable to learn anything that exists outside their narrow prejudices.

Sad but true.

PS: I'm hoping to book a Moment of Truth interview with a BBC executive, just as soon as I can get one willing to go inside a giant metal tube.

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