Blogger, satirist and political savant (or is that word deviant) The Iowa Hawk has done it again with a biting satire of Ted "Strokin' fer Shore" Kennedy


It's not as crazy a question as it sounds.  I regularly watch the TV news and read the newspapers, and they liberally report on US casualties, but you never hear about any of these insurgents getting killed or captured.
So that must mean one thing: 
It's the only logical explanation.  I mean these people come out shooting at highly trained and heavily armed American soldiers, and, according to the MSM, no terrorists are killed.  The only casualties that are reported are when Americans are killed.  I'm pretty certain that CNN has profiled the families of every American soldier whose died during this conflict, and when they find one that's opposed to the war, they practically get ther own series.  But you never hear about terrorists getting killed.
That must mean they're bulletproof...
...either that or the MSM is engaged in a borderline treasonous coverage of the war.
But that would be ridiculous.
Even the MSM can't be that dumb...
...or can they?



It's always been a pet theory of mine that what people claim are the 'causes' of terrorism are in fact just excuses used by people, who if denied their sacred 'cause,' would easily find another excuse to justify their murderous tendencies.
Frontpage Columnist Josef Joffe looks at Israel's real connection to the 'causes' of Middle Eastern Terrorism in A WORLD WITHOUT ISRAEL.
Historian and commentator Victor Davis Hanson has posted a very illuminating piece on the Commentary website called HAS IRAQ WEAKENED US?  A must read for anyone who wants to understand the current war and isn't getting the truth from the MSM.  Hat tip to the higher beings at POWERLINE for the link.
Maybe is the answer given in Thomas Sowell's 4th ESTATE OR 5th COLUMN piece at TOWNHALL.  He believes that the MSM's bias against the Republican administration has evolved (or degenerated) into often open support for the enemies of the freedom they enjoy.  A pretty scary read.
Now get reading and talk about this among yourselves.



In my previous post I suggested that we take a moment to remember Johnny Carson and laugh in his honour.  Well I found something that'll make you laugh.
The folks down at the Diplomad have posted the L.A.R.K. letter.  Print a copy and send it to all your anti-war friends.


Tip of the hat to Canadian Comment a blog with good taste who recently added me to their blogroll.  Thanx, this insignificant microbe needs all the links he can get.
I also joined the blogosphere ecosystem at Truth Laid Bear.  Right now I'm just an insignificant microbe, but I'm looking forward to evolving.  Can't wait to get a spine.
Today was also the day that comedian, occassional magician, and talk show legend Johnny Carson passed away at the age of 79 of emphysema.
In a fitting tribute to his life I think everyone should take some time and laugh in his honour.
Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker should take some time off, rest and have some intensive therapy.  His latest opus in his 'America is Evil' canon is a claim, via various unnamed and unconfirmable sources that US commandos are in Iran.  The Commandos, he claims, are there to recon possible Iranian nuclear weapons sites in preparation of an attack.
Okay Seymour, can I call you Seymour?  Here's some things I think you should know. 
If you are wrong, you are spreading paranoia and instability in an already unstable region for no good reason other than your own glorification. 
If you are right, then your rather precise descriptions of the units and their locations will only succeed in getting American soldiers killed so the Ayatollahs can eventually nuke Israel. 
And what strikes me as the scary part, is that you don't appear to give a rodent's left buttcheek about the instability in the region, the violence of these regimes and the possibility that you might kill American soldiers as sure as you pulled the trigger yourself. 
I guess human lives only count if they're rich white Democrats living in Manhattan.
And the definitely don't count when you can bash Bush, possibly get Americans killed, and land a big money book deal while you're doing it..
The same goes for NYT scribe Sarah Boxer who set blogosphere afire with her clumsy musings that the brothers behind Iraq the Model Blog are somehow CIA plants or don't really exist.  She didn't have any real evidence behind these musings, just a few rumours from some left-wing blogs and her own paranoia.  And unless she had her brain removed by a deranged scientist, she should know that such baseless accusations can get the people behind Iraq the Model very quickly killed.
What is it with the MSM?
Do they believe that they can't be considered real journalist until they have blood on their hands?
Left leaning blog-pin-up gal Wonkette put her foot in it when she posted a photo of Jenna Bush giving the 'hook-em horns' salute at the inauguration with the caption that went something like: "Jenna proves you don't have to be in Skull & Bones to drink Jew baby blood."
Okay Wonkette, here's a question I'd like you to answer since you are supposedly so knowledgeable of the inner working of Skull & Bones.
Are you saying that Democratic Senator/Presidential Loser/Skull & Bones Alumnus John F. Kerry drank Jew baby blood?
That's a pretty harsh accusation.
I thought you liked Kerry.

Low Points on the Moral High Ground...


Dr. James Dobson, leader of Focus on the Family, really put his foot in it when he went after popular cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants for promoting a 'homosexual agenda.' His argument rises from a video put out by Spongebob network Nickolodeon which is basically a rehash of Sister Sledge's 'We Are Family' with various Viacom properties singing and dancing. The point of the video is to teach children not to beat up other children because they're different.
Dobson's group argues that other materials 'promote a homosexual agenda' by including references to not abusing others because of their 'sexual identity.'
I guess they think that being told that it's wrong to beat up homosexuals will somehow make them homosexual.
I've known several gays and lesbians in my life, and I'll bet dinars to donuts that none of them were 'turned' homosexual by believing that abusing homosexuals is wrong.
Plus I've always believed that abusing someone based on their race, religion or sexual orientation is wrong, and I'm still heterosexual.
Doesn't Dobson have anything better to do with his time?
Probably not.
There hasn't been a stray nipple on network tv in months.
Dobson tried to backtrack by claiming that his point was not about the sexual orientation of an asexual sea sponge, but to take a stand against 'the indoctrination of children.'
That's a noble idea.
Children should be taught to think and speak freely.
But taking a stand against cartoon characters asking children not to beat each other up is the wrong battle.
Dobson has given his opponents the strategic high ground. By targetting a cartoon character and expounding the myth that it could 'turn' children gay only serves to make him, his group, and his beliefs look ridiculous in the eyes of the general public.
Poor strategy like that is what turned the Democrats from a mainstream party into the home of America's fringe left.
Now Dobson is doing it to Focus on the Family.
Bad move...
This week saw the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in the United States. This transformed the act of abortion into the holy grail of the American Left and the third rail of American politics.
It also became pretty much the sole interest of the modern feminist movement. For some reason everything became related to abortion, and abortion, a violent and intrusive procedure even under the best of circumstances, was viewed as an absolute good.
The American Right didn't help, with screaming and often violent protests during the 80's and 90's and acts of domestic terrorism by mad bombers to whom abortion wasn't really a cause, but an excuse.
This gave the Pro-Abortion Left the moral high ground, and marginalized the Pro-Life Movement by lumping them with the bombers and screaming loonies.
It no longer mattered that Planned Parenthood was a leftover from the eugenics craze of the early 20th century, and its original purpose was to reduce the population of troublesome minorities. What mattered were the bombs going of on the streets of America and the TV coverage of screaming fanatics being dragged from clinics by police.
This led to the Pro-Abortion forces decision to push their luck. With their opinion that abortion was an absolute good, then all forms of abortion, including the violent and sadistic partial birth abortion, must be good.
That pushed it too far.
America's in the midst of a spiritual revival, and for the most part are repulsed by things like partial birth abortion and its inevitable result, with Dutch doctors developing protocols for the involuntary euthanasia of infants they deem 'unfit.'
Suddenly the general public didn't agree with the view that abortion was an absolute good anymore. They realized that the slippery slope was very real and dangerous.
Now there are two fundamental truths both sides will have to accept...
1. There will always be abortions. All attempts to completely ban the procedure will fail, it's too entrenched in law to be completely banned. The 'choice' will always be there, so the best strategy for the Pro-Life movement will be to campaign on a 'choose life' platform.
2. Abortions will be regulated. Partial birth abortions, and abortions past a certain point in the pregnancy will probably be regulated. Women's groups will naturally freak out, but to maintain their relevancy and the sympathy of the public they'll have to pick their battles carefully. Which is something the Left hasn't been good at lately.


More Interesting Stuff...

The good folks at POWERLINE lead me to an interesting new blog called TWO MINUTE OFFENSE. Check it out.
Acid tongued pundit Ann Coulter takes a swipe at Dems who are crying over the inauguration. Always nice to see hypocrisy taken down a peg or two.
THE DAILY DEMARCHE a blog run by members of the SDRU (State Department Republican Underground) who like their comrades at Diplomad seek to reveal the truth behind diplomatic posturing. An interesting read.
CANADIAN COMMENT is a blog run by my fellow countrymen that discusses political issues in Canada and abroad. A nice break from the Globe & Mail Sun Shines Out of Paul Martin's Ass Mindset of the Canadian MSM.


Some Interesting Stuff...

The always entertaining and provocative Diplomad has put the proverbial cat among the proverbial pigeons with a new post about the WORLD'S TOP 10 FAVOURITE LIES.


CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS has a nice and sharply pointed review of Barbara Boxer's behaviour at the Rice confirmation hearings. Goes to show that just being rich, white, and elected to political office doesn't exactly make you a genius.


Mark Steyn dissects the outrage over Prince Harry's stupid Nazi costume incident. Kind of shows how those who are most outraged (France, Germany) happen to be the countries most involved with Hitler's mad regime, and how close they are to repeating history. Hat tip to POWERLINE for the link.


Michelle Malkin takes a serious look at the truth behind the cop killing marine and guess what, the MSM is lying about the war again.


The Weekly Standard has some questions about Rathergate that the CBS report refuses to answer.


David Skinner of the Weekly Standard reviews a book about the phenomena of South Park Conservatives. An interesting view, but would you want Cartman to be the keynote speaker at the Republican convention?


A Serious Question...

There's been something that's been bugging me ever since the days just after 9/11/01, when the media was awash in reports on the Taliban run madrassas in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
If you don't recall, madrassas are supposed to be centres of Islamic education.  For centuries it was the preferred option for poor families in the Muslim world to get a decent education for their sons.  More recently the institution has evolved, thanks to people like the Taliban and Al-Qaida into storage houses for young boys and terrorist indoctrination centres.
Now here's what's been nagging me.
I'm a Canadian, and since the 1980's Canada has heard all sorts of stories of horrible physical/sexual/psychological abuse going on in institutions that were supposed to be taking care of children.  There was the Mount Cashel Orphanage Scandal in Newfoundland, the Duplessis Orphans of Quebec, and the dreadful Residential School system that scarred Canada's native population.
These scandals had 3 ingredients in common-
  1. The people running these places were more often than not religious institutions who possessed an improper amount of clout with the local or even federal political systems.
  2. They used that clout and air of sanctimony to fight off any oversight and bury any scandal.
  3. The children they were supposed to care for, were poor and often without families, thus were powerless against the intitutions that abused them.
These ingredients made these institutions a prime hunting ground for perverts and sadists of almost any stripe.
My question is if anyone has done any serious investigation into the possibility of the abuse of students in Taliban and Al Qaida related madrassas? 
All the ingredients for an abuse scandal are there, with the added element of the fact that the people who ran these Taliban connected schools literally had the power of life and death over their charges.
Has anyone ever asked the question, or will it explode into the world's consciousness 20 years from now when someone finally finds the courage to speak out?
Does anyone care?

Opinions for Sale! Cheap!

You read it here first folks!
I'm following the lead of blogger Daily Kos and I'm putting all my opinions and beliefs on sale!
Not only that, I'm selling them at PRICES THAT CAN'T BE BEAT!
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Maybe I am crazy!
Maybe I shouldn't have started licking toads!
There's a lot of maybes out there...
But I've got a truckload of opinions and I've got to clear them out somehow!
So come on down to...
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Send envelope full of cash to:
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"That's an interesting point of view..."

That was the best response comedian/critic's darling Jon Stewart of THE DAILY SHOW could come up with when leftist theologian of the Church of America is Satan Howard Zinn declared that the good old USA was too evil to defend.  It was basically a declaration that Al-Qaida was right and that America and all it stands for should be destroyed.

For those who missed it, or didn't catch Awptimus's well done transcription and commentary, here it is...

Zinn: If people knew, if young people going to school, knew the history of American expansion, first on the continent, and then in the world, and if they knew the history of lies, and the history of massacres that took place along side this expansion, nobody would go to a recruiting station to sign up for any war, nobody.

Stewart: Well, thatÂ’s uh, thatÂ’s an interesting point of view.

Maybe Mr. Stewart was too shocked to formulate a proper response.  I would be shocked too, but I have something Jon Stewart is too shallow to have, I have a sense of outrage.  All Jon Stewart has is smugness and a head swollen from five years of virtual fellatio form TV critics.  So he can't get worked up emotionally about such things as treason being passed as intellectual discourse.

I couldn't possibly let a statement like that pass without making a comment more biting than 'that's an interesting point of view.'  I'd have to ask a few follow up questions. 

Questions like this...

  1. Okay, Mr Zinn.  Could you please name me one country, outside of maybe Tibet, that has never done anything that you would equate as evil?
  2. Mr. Zinn, so you find yourself in complete agreement with the decapitation of people like Margaret Hassan.  What other humanitarian workers would you decapitate to create your perfect evil-free society?
  3. Mr. Zinn, is it cowardice that keeps you here in evil America, where you make large amounts of money selling books, and giving lectures, when you could be in Iraq, striking a blow for liberty by blowing up a hospital, or maybe a church or mosque, or is it greed?
  4. Mr. Zinn, since America, and its values are evil,  does that mean the execution of rape victims by stoning is a good thing, because they'd never allow that in America?
  5. Mr. Zinn, if America is so foul, why are you still here and not in a free worker's paradise like Cuba or North Korea?  Sure, you wouldn't be allowed to speak freely or make money like you are here, but isn't that a small price to pay for freedom?

You see Mr. Stewart here are 5 questions that should have been asked.  Maybe you should have asked them.  I guess that would be considered rude, and you're only rude to people who actually like America.


There's Something About Mary (Mapes)

Former 60 MINUTES producer, the charming and fragrant, Mary "Reliable Source" Mapes has lashed back at her former employers for daring to comment on her professionalism.
According to Madam Mapes herself, she's an innocent victim of 'vitriolic scapegoating' on the part of CBS execs looking to cover their own collective buttocks in the face of the complete meltdown of their once revered news division.
Don't those CBS suits know that vitriolic scapegoating is her job?
One that she's done very well for years!
In fact, she's been so good at it, she appeared to have had the entire CBS News department in fear of her considerable wrath. She bullied a mangy dog of story right past senior execs who are supposed to be her bosses, and slapped in on the air in the hopes of unseating a President.
And now that the whole thing has blown up in her face, she's still swinging. Claiming that the documents may be fake, but the story is still real. In a strange bizarro alternate dimension maybe, but not here on planet Earth.
Good for you Mary, keep on fighting, and don't let little things like reality, or ethics get in your way!


A Few Points to Ponder...

The CBS Rathergate Report is out and 4 heads have rolled, including long time producer Mary "I Hate Bush" Mapes. But that's not the real kicker.
The kicker is that the two elderly gents who headed the investigation said that 'political bias played no role' in the attempt to slander a wartime President out of office.
Yeah right.
And I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in.
The intrepid investigators claim that it was haste that was their undoing. They were in too much of a rush to 'get the scoop' to properly vet the facts.
Yeah right.
And I have a map that will take you to the lost treasure of Atlantis.
Mary Mapes has just been working on the story for 5 YEARS. She was on the hunt for anything to mar Bush's National Guard service before Dubya was even President. I'm sure she could have waited till 60 Minutes Sunday before she dropped this bombshell.
What's 5 days after 5 years?
When jobs, reputations, and the fate of a nation is on the line you're supposed to get your facts straight.
The real cause of Filegate wasn't haste, it was bias, arrogance, and what appears to be a long simmering vendetta.
With the way CBS is going, I'm pretty sure they're going to name Michael Moore the new anchor after Rather's bodily dragged out from behind the desk.


Blogger Awptimus watched and recorded leftist 'hate America' theologian Howard Zinn's recent appearance on Jon Stewart's DAILY SHOW on Comedy Central. There the deep thinker made comments like this:

Zinn: If people knew, if young people going to school, knew the history of American expansion, first on the continent, and then in the world, and if they knew the history of lies, and the history of massacres that took place along side this expansion, nobody would go to a recruiting station to sign up for any war, nobody.
Stewart: Well, that’s uh, that’s an interesting point of view.

Translation: America is evil and not worth defending. So sit back and let it be destroyed.

I think Zinn might have a point.

Democracies have to be evil, especially when they treat of people like Howard Zinn as intellectuals and deep thinkers and let them get rich off lecture fees and book royalties.
I say bring on the Islamofascist horde.

Any group that will stone a mentally handicapped girl for the 'crime' of being raped must be better than the satanic 'United States of Amerikkka' which believes in such wicked and contumely concepts as punishing the rapist.

Why doesn't Zinn put his money where his mouth is and go someplace where he can be truly free, because it's obvious that he's being terribly oppressed in the evil USA.

I suggest North Korea.

I think he'll be appreciated there.

And Jon Stewart, remember, you're supposed to be a comedian, and your show is supposed to be a comedy show. Your guests should be 'funny ha-ha' and not 'funny peculiar.'

Much kudos to
Awptimal for the intestinal fortitude to actual sit through the entire interview, and to Michelle Malkin for posting the link on her site.


FrontPage has an excellent think piece about Europe's Appeasement Policies. Read it, and tell your European friends to read it.


Oh deary me. Hillary (aka Senator A) Rodham-Clinton's chief campaign bagman David Rosen has been indicted for violating campaign finance laws for her 2000 Senate coronation. It appears he threw a Hollywood bash that both saluted her hubby and raised over a million spondoolicks for her campaign that weren't reported to FEC.

Apparently the bash/fundraiser was organised by a fellow named Aaron Tonken who is currently boardin' with the warden in the federal pen after pleading guilty to fraud. It looks like Hillary's fave party-planner has a taste for other people's money, especially money earmarked for charity.

A real class act there Hillary.

Can a Clinton ever raise money for anything that doesn't end in criminal indictments?

Probably not. Folks are starting to cast a hairy eyeball at questionable fundraising at the Clinton Library and its connection to the Oil for Food Scam. I mean the muck and mire just keeps getting deeper with them.

But this whole affair raises another question.

What was she doing raising money for a New York campaign in Hollywood, which, if I remember my geography, is on the opposite side of the country?

Maybe she should have run to represent Beverly Hills....

She already knows a good party planner who can help her.

But he's not available until 2009...

...and Hillary can't see anything past 2008...


The Diplomad Does it Again...

A mysterious masked avenger working deep in the bowels of the American state department, emerging from the shadows to let the whole world know what truly goes on behind those smiling phot-ops...
He's (or She's)...
The Diplomad has posted another scathing critique of UN tsunami relief efforts (or the lack thereof), read it here.

STAPLES & SINCLAIR: Media Matters, But Money Matter Even More

Looks like liberal mouthpiece and watchdog against free-speech Media Matters has made a bit of a blunder.  Earlier they were trumpeting success in their campaign of vengeance against Sinclair Broadcast for their attempt to air the anti-Kerry documentary Stolen Honour.  They claimed in a press release that office supply juggernaut STAPLES had pulled their advertising with the Sinclair Group's stations.
Looks like someone spoke too soon.
Staples, fearing a justified backlash by conservatives and those who like free speech, immediately denied that they were pulling their adds and that Media Matters was 'mistaken' in their statements.
Staples might be run by nutless wonders who might let Media Matters and its backer George Soros bully them, but they're not stupid.  They know that the customer is king, and if the customer turns against you, it doesn't matter how big you are, you're officially and completely screwed.
In a way their weakness was a victory for free speech.

Tolkien & Tucker

J.R.R. Tolkien: Evil Yankee Imperialist Pig Dog
Jeff Alexander and Tom Bissell have written something that should be included as an audio commentary on all future DVD releases of the LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY.  It's a mock commentary in the form of a conversation between pundits/post-modern gurus Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. 
It's a very funny interpretation of how these two alleged deep thinkers interpret the world.  To read it click here.
Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered-Unemployed
Bow tied pundit and conservative side of debate show CROSSFIRE Tucker Carlson was let go by CNN and the daily debate show was more or less cancelled by being reduced to a 10 minute segment on an other show.  They agree with comedian/fake anchor/egoist Jon Stewart that debate over political issues is a bad thing, and towing the Democratic Party line is a good thing.
The execs of CNN said they didn't care for Tucker's 'head butting style.'  Now that's an interesting, almost Chomskyesque interpretation of the show.  Of all the participants Tucker Carlson was the only more interested in trying to have a real conversation about real issues. The left side of the table, manned by Clinton hacks turned pundits Paul Begala and James Carville, was more interested in screaming Democratic Party talking points at the top of their lungs in the hope of shouting down any real debate.  If anything Tucker was too polite, but since he's a conservative, it must be his fault.
Last I heard Tucker won't be unemployed for long.  He still has his PBS show and the word is that MSNBC is looking to hire them to add a little leavening to the channel dominated by the so called 'Hardball' show.
Good luck Tucker.



Like the Democratic Party Oliver Stone doesn't blame a recent failure on his own failings but on what he believes it the stupidity of the American people.  A theory he posited in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.
That's right Oliver, and pass me whatever your smoking, it sounds like some pretty strong stuff.
But enough with the chit chat Ollie, it's time for a REALITY CHECK!
Here are the reasons ALEXANDER became a worldwide and not just an American turkey...
  • Colin Farrel was miscast.  I'm sure he's a great guy and all that, and we all love his constant drunken off camera loutishness, but he's strictly a lightweight pretty boy.  He can't carry the kind of big epic productions, and he definitely can't do it looking like a failed model who just left a gay bar in Venice Beach badly hungover.  It doesn't look good when the conqueror of the known world needs an hourly dose of visine and an inch thick layer of makeup to keep from looking like a possessed zombie.  The boys at Powerline make a good point when they said that good old Charlton Heston was underrated.  Charlton in his prime could have sold even a bisexual Alexander.
  • It wasn't a flop because Alexander's portrayed as bisexual.  This is the world where WILL & GRACE is considered a family friendly sitcom, and QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY is a hit on cable.  Americans will watch and often pay money to see shows featuring gay, lesbian or bisexual characters, but the shows have to be entertaining.  This leads me to the next point...
  • You films just aren't entertaining anymore.  A short time after you decided that the JFK assassination was all a big conspiracy to send you to VietNam your films went from being stylish and interesting, if a bit overwrought, to being lectures delivered by a man screaming at the top of his voice.  Nobody likes to be yelled at Ollie.  If they did your films would do better at the box-office.

There are more reasons, but I'm not a film critic, I'm just a guy trying to offer a little dose of reality.


The African state of Somalia was also hit by the Boxing Day Tsunami, and I heard on the radio today that they're complaining that no one is rushing to give them aid.  Apparently aid's flooding into Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and other places, but no one seems keen on offering a helping hand to Somalia.

I wonder why?

Well, let's have a REALITY CHECK.

Let's see, in 1993 warlords and their outlaw gangs plunged Somalia into anarchy and caused a massive famine.  Countries rushed to Somalia's aid sending in food, medicine and aid workers. 

What did the Somalis do?

Somali warlords attacked the aid workers, killing several, and stole all the food to trade for guns and drugs to keep their civil war going.  Seeing ending the warlord's reign of terror as the key to ending the famine the USA sent in the troops to take them on.

What did the Somalis do?

They rushed to defend the Al-Qaida backed warlords, and attacked the American soldiers getting somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 Somalis killed.  The Somalis killed 18 American soldiers in the battle and dragged the corpses of several through the streets in a grotesque parade celebrating their self-induced starvation.   Because in their view, it's better to be oppressed and starved by fellow Muslims than to be fed and helped by the Great Satan.

And they wonder why no one is rushing to their aid.

Somalia bit the hand that fed it, and is wondering why they're not getting any more.

They chose Al-Qaida, why don't they ask them for some help.


Some things to think about...


Embarassed by criticism of the measly $10 million dollars of tsunami relief pledged by the billionaires of Saudi Arabia, they've declared that they will not only increase their relatively paltry pledge, they will also hold a fundraising telethon.

Telethons don't have a deep history in the House of Saud, but they do have a successful one.  The last telethon the Saudis hosted raised $150 million dollars.

 Too bad it was for Palestinian Suicide Bombers.

I guess they won't be booking Jerry Lewis to host.


I checked out the MELANIE PHILLIPS SPEECH recommended by the folks at POWERLINE and I must say, I was impressed by her skill and command of the facts, and depressed by her accuracy in presenting the media's left-handed (or winged) support for Islamofascism.

It's a must read for anyone with half a brain.

Read it NOW!


I guess when the MoveOn MorOns compared George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler they were trying to improve his popularity in the Middle East.  Because according to FrontPageMag's NAZI INFLUENCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST DURING WW2 by DAVID STOROBIN, old Adolph had and still has a sizable fan club in the there.

Pretty scary reading.


FrontPage mag has some reports on some people who are so disgusted with the land of the free that they openly support its enemies.

Thank god for people who are willing to stand up to the horrible fount of all evil that is called the Liberal Western Democracy.

What would we do without them?


Probably be a lot happier and lot more peaceful.


Arab Media: The News From Planet Jihad....

It was inevitable.  The moment I first heard on the radio that a massive tsunami had wrecked a large part of Asia I knew that the Arab Media (Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya) were going to somehow blame the earthquake on America.
I figured they were going to blame it on Michael Moore doing jumping jacks and causing the tectonic plates to shift, but even I found that too unbelievable.  Michael Moore would never do jumping jacks.  Nope, they found a reason for the quake and tsunami that's just as ludicrous.
You see, according to much of the media of the Arab world, it was caused by secret deep sea, underground nuclear tests conducted by the evil USA, all purpose bogeyman Israel, and India.
First Karl Rove forces Bin Ladin to endorse Kerry, and then Bush causes a massive quake that killed at least 150,000 people.  Their powers must be god-like.
In other tsunami news, the tally of giving by individual American citizens keeps going up, getting close to $300,000,000.  That goes with the US government contribution of $350,000,000 and the services of two naval task forces.
Meanwhile the UN is providing a lot of bureaucrats whose main contributions seems to be endless demands that American and Australian military personnel who are doing the actual work to wear blue berets so the UN can take credit.  Read about it with the Diplomad.
Word has also come out of the amount of aid being given by the oil-bloated Saudis to their tsunami battered bretheren.  It's basically the steam off their pee.
Apparently they're worried that any aid they give might end up feeding an infidel, or worse, a Jew, so they're giving what they get back when they turn in their empties for the deposit. 
Hindrocket from POWERLINE endorses a speech about media bias and growing bigotry in the UK by a Melanie Phillips.  I've just downloaded the speech, but from what I read in the preview it looks like a scathing an accurate dissection of what's wrong with the media today.  Read the preview here.


A Ray of Sunshine, A New Voice from the Middle East & the 2004: Year of Leftist Hate Speech

Recently christened Blog of the Year: POWERLINE has posted the results of a poll done by Iraqi newspaper Alsabaah.  A little ray of sunshine you can read about here.
Iraqi poet and anti-Ba'athis dissident Naseer Flayih Hasan expresses his dismay over the attitudes of the Western Left in a well written piece for FrontPageMag.  Read it here.
A fellow named John Hawkins at RightWingNews put together a list of the 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2004.  (Click on the name for the complete list.)
Here are some that struck me as the most outrageous with my own opinions attached.


"So now the question is, basically, right now, how will (the Osama Bin Laden tape) affect the election? And I have a feeling that it could tilt the election a bit. In fact, I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, that he probably set up bin Laden to this thing." -- Walter Cronkite on Larry King.  (Gee Walter, wouldn't Bush get more mileage out of killing Bin Ladin than just having him make another tape.   I mean if Karl Rove was that all-powerful, wouldn't he also be smart enough to think of that?  Time to check into the home Walter and have the nurse change your Depends.)


"We have a voice now, and we're not using it, and women have so much to lose. I mean, we could lose the right to our bodies. We could lo--if you think that rape should be legal, then don't vote. But if you think that you have a right to your body, and you have a right to say what happens to you and fight off that danger of losing that, then you should vote, and those are the..." -- Cameron Diaz (Now I know why I look to Hollywood movie stars for my political guidance, they have such a depth of understanding.  Since Bush got reelected, does this mean that rape is legal now, or is he going to wait for the next session of congress before he repeals the rape laws?  You're a pretty girl Cameron, but beauty is fleeting and dumb is forever.)


"It's a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I'd rather not know." -- Singer Linda Ronstadt (Wait a minute...doesn't that make you a bigot?)


"The word 'hero' has been bandied about a lot to refer to anyone killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. But anyone who voluntarily goes to Afghanistan or Iraq [as a soldier] is fighting for an evil cause under an evil commander in chief." -- Ted Rall (Then get off your ass and do something you whining coward. Go join such heroic bastions of democracy like Al-Qaida or the Ba'ath Party, then you, Cameron, and Linda can strike a blow for real freedom.  If you're too chickenshit to fight what you think is evil, then shut the hell up.  If you were anywhere else but the USA you'd be arrested & convicted of treason. Consider yourself lucky.)


"Republicans don't believe in the imagination, partly because so few of them have one, but mostly because it gets in the way of their chosen work, which is to destroy the human race and the planet. Human beings, who have imaginations, can see a recipe for disaster in the making; Republicans, whose goal in life is to profit from disaster and who don't give a hoot about human beings, either can't or won't. Which is why I personally think they should be exterminated before they cause any more harm." -- The Village Voice's Michael Feingold. (You have a right to your opinion Mr. Feingold, even it supports mass murder, but what does this have to do with the production of 'Cats' you were supposed to be reviewing.)


"The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win." -- Michael Moore (So does this mean you'll be joining Ted Rall, Cameron Diaz, Michael Feingold, & Linda Rondstadt on the streets of Iraq with convicted rapist and serial decapitator Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.  Probably not, terrorism requires physical effort, you can't get decent pizza in Iraq, & Al Qaida doesn't have a suicide bomb vest with a 54 inch waist.)

They go one about progressiveness, inclusion, and peace, yet their rhetoric is laden with bigotry, ignorance, intolerance and a desire for violence against those whose only crime is valuing real freedom in the face of a growing fascist threat.  The scream oppression when they have no idea what real oppression is.  They're the rich and bloated, either literally or figuratively, carcasses of whiny, narcissistic, hate America, 60's leftback, pseudo-ideology.  The kind of people who think every 3rd world dictatorship is a little piece of heaven, and the country that made them wealthy and gives them the freedom to voice their hateful treason is the sum of all evil the world.

I think these people need to know how good they've got it.

So, let's take up a petition requesting their immediate deportation to the peace and freedom loving worker's paradise of North Korea where they can work as forced labour in Kim Jong Il's uranium mines.

I'll think they'll change their tune pretty quick.

I'm tired...talk among yourselves...


The Old UN Shows Some Classic Chutzpah!

Just what is chutzpah?
Let me tell you, it's a term used to describe shameless and brazen attempts to manipulate a situation to your own ends, especially when it involves exploiting the tragedy of others.  The classic example was a criminal who murdered his parents and then begged for mercy from the court because he was an orphan.
The spirit of brass-balled chutzpah lives on in Turtle Bay where underground State Department Republicans/Bloggers The Diplomad report that Kofi Annan is taking credit for work and relief of tsunami victims that's really being done by the USA and Australia.  Read all about it here.
What a way to start the New Year, by repeating old crimes of exploiting the suffering of others.
Some things never change.

2004: The Year in Re-Spew...

It's been a terrible year.  War, famine, plague, tsunamis, and one of the most hate-filled and venomous USA Presidential elections in living memory. 
A bizaare double standard rose in the past year showing how increasingly out of touch mainstream media and the political left have become.  They are so wrapped up in their hatred of the USA in general and the Bush Administration in particular that they are blinded to the real political outrages out in the world.

Democrats and their toadies in the Media and Hollywood made complete and total asses of themselves with their hate filled and often irrational anti-Bush/anti-America rhetoric.  If a Republican or politically conservative person said any of the things they said, they press would act as if the world was ending.  But since such hate speech was coming from the left, they presented it as fact.  Jeff Jacoby wrote a very well done article on the phenomenon of liberal hate speech for conservative site TownHall.com, it can be found here.

The MSM and the Democratic Party seem to think that moral authority is the sole province of the United Nations and it's chief shill Kofi Annan.  This leads them to turn a blind eye to the massive Oil for Bribes, Weapons, and Some Food Program, and the rampant culture of sexual abuse and degradation in the UN Peacekeeping Program

It's a good sign that the American People were shocked and disgusted with the antics of the Abhu Ghraib.  They reacted by demanding criminal charges against those involved, and it happened.  The people Hitchens called the 'Pick-Nose Pornographers' are going to spend long periods in prison for their crimes, and rightuflly so.  However, the MSM and Democratics don't seem bothered by, and often willfully ignore incidents of even worse abuse of human rights committed by the minions of Saddam, Bin Ladin, or even the UN.  They treat those atrocities as 'business as usual' and that's a very bad sign.

Dan Rather crashed in burned after flying too close to the sun with wings made of forged documents held together by bullsh*t.  And as he plunged, all he could say was that the story was true, only the evidence was phony

I find it fascinating that the same Dan Rather who brushed off accusations of rape against Bill Clinton as 'irrelevant' and 'old news' would become so obsessed with documents professing asinine behaviour from a man who campaigned on how Jesus and the love of his wife saved him from his asinine youth.  The MSM stood by him, and only turned when the tide of outrage among the general public, via the bloggers, was too big to ignore.

Bush won the election, despite the horrendous campaign of lies, and dirty tricks used by the Kerry/Edwards/Soros Campaign.  The wave of real moral outrage in the general public overran the manufactured outrage of the MSM/Democrat camp, and took him back to the White House.

They weren't voting to oppose gay marriage, as the MSM believes, but to support the value of striking back against those who seek to impose their fascist will on the world.  Both the Democrats and the MSM have to regain real outrage, and seek the truth, instead of manipulating the facts for short term political gain.  If they don't, it could mean being plunged deeper into the political wilderness in 2006 mid terms, and the 2008 election.

Have a New Year, don't forget to donate to tsunami relief and talk among yourselves...


Congratulations are in order...

Blogger LaShawn Barber has been bestowed a great honor. 
No, it's not a prize.
It's not a book deal.
It's better.
It's her first liberal hate site.
Read about it here.
Congrats to LaShawn and keep on keepin on!

The end of the affair...

Frontpage Magazine has reprinted a Wall Street Journal Editorial about the Death of the Romance of Terror. An interesting read.

And by the way....