Tolkien & Tucker

J.R.R. Tolkien: Evil Yankee Imperialist Pig Dog
Jeff Alexander and Tom Bissell have written something that should be included as an audio commentary on all future DVD releases of the LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY.  It's a mock commentary in the form of a conversation between pundits/post-modern gurus Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. 
It's a very funny interpretation of how these two alleged deep thinkers interpret the world.  To read it click here.
Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered-Unemployed
Bow tied pundit and conservative side of debate show CROSSFIRE Tucker Carlson was let go by CNN and the daily debate show was more or less cancelled by being reduced to a 10 minute segment on an other show.  They agree with comedian/fake anchor/egoist Jon Stewart that debate over political issues is a bad thing, and towing the Democratic Party line is a good thing.
The execs of CNN said they didn't care for Tucker's 'head butting style.'  Now that's an interesting, almost Chomskyesque interpretation of the show.  Of all the participants Tucker Carlson was the only more interested in trying to have a real conversation about real issues. The left side of the table, manned by Clinton hacks turned pundits Paul Begala and James Carville, was more interested in screaming Democratic Party talking points at the top of their lungs in the hope of shouting down any real debate.  If anything Tucker was too polite, but since he's a conservative, it must be his fault.
Last I heard Tucker won't be unemployed for long.  He still has his PBS show and the word is that MSNBC is looking to hire them to add a little leavening to the channel dominated by the so called 'Hardball' show.
Good luck Tucker.

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