Tip of the hat to Canadian Comment a blog with good taste who recently added me to their blogroll.  Thanx, this insignificant microbe needs all the links he can get.
I also joined the blogosphere ecosystem at Truth Laid Bear.  Right now I'm just an insignificant microbe, but I'm looking forward to evolving.  Can't wait to get a spine.
Today was also the day that comedian, occassional magician, and talk show legend Johnny Carson passed away at the age of 79 of emphysema.
In a fitting tribute to his life I think everyone should take some time and laugh in his honour.
Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker should take some time off, rest and have some intensive therapy.  His latest opus in his 'America is Evil' canon is a claim, via various unnamed and unconfirmable sources that US commandos are in Iran.  The Commandos, he claims, are there to recon possible Iranian nuclear weapons sites in preparation of an attack.
Okay Seymour, can I call you Seymour?  Here's some things I think you should know. 
If you are wrong, you are spreading paranoia and instability in an already unstable region for no good reason other than your own glorification. 
If you are right, then your rather precise descriptions of the units and their locations will only succeed in getting American soldiers killed so the Ayatollahs can eventually nuke Israel. 
And what strikes me as the scary part, is that you don't appear to give a rodent's left buttcheek about the instability in the region, the violence of these regimes and the possibility that you might kill American soldiers as sure as you pulled the trigger yourself. 
I guess human lives only count if they're rich white Democrats living in Manhattan.
And the definitely don't count when you can bash Bush, possibly get Americans killed, and land a big money book deal while you're doing it..
The same goes for NYT scribe Sarah Boxer who set blogosphere afire with her clumsy musings that the brothers behind Iraq the Model Blog are somehow CIA plants or don't really exist.  She didn't have any real evidence behind these musings, just a few rumours from some left-wing blogs and her own paranoia.  And unless she had her brain removed by a deranged scientist, she should know that such baseless accusations can get the people behind Iraq the Model very quickly killed.
What is it with the MSM?
Do they believe that they can't be considered real journalist until they have blood on their hands?
Left leaning blog-pin-up gal Wonkette put her foot in it when she posted a photo of Jenna Bush giving the 'hook-em horns' salute at the inauguration with the caption that went something like: "Jenna proves you don't have to be in Skull & Bones to drink Jew baby blood."
Okay Wonkette, here's a question I'd like you to answer since you are supposedly so knowledgeable of the inner working of Skull & Bones.
Are you saying that Democratic Senator/Presidential Loser/Skull & Bones Alumnus John F. Kerry drank Jew baby blood?
That's a pretty harsh accusation.
I thought you liked Kerry.

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