2004: The Year in Re-Spew...

It's been a terrible year.  War, famine, plague, tsunamis, and one of the most hate-filled and venomous USA Presidential elections in living memory. 
A bizaare double standard rose in the past year showing how increasingly out of touch mainstream media and the political left have become.  They are so wrapped up in their hatred of the USA in general and the Bush Administration in particular that they are blinded to the real political outrages out in the world.

Democrats and their toadies in the Media and Hollywood made complete and total asses of themselves with their hate filled and often irrational anti-Bush/anti-America rhetoric.  If a Republican or politically conservative person said any of the things they said, they press would act as if the world was ending.  But since such hate speech was coming from the left, they presented it as fact.  Jeff Jacoby wrote a very well done article on the phenomenon of liberal hate speech for conservative site TownHall.com, it can be found here.

The MSM and the Democratic Party seem to think that moral authority is the sole province of the United Nations and it's chief shill Kofi Annan.  This leads them to turn a blind eye to the massive Oil for Bribes, Weapons, and Some Food Program, and the rampant culture of sexual abuse and degradation in the UN Peacekeeping Program

It's a good sign that the American People were shocked and disgusted with the antics of the Abhu Ghraib.  They reacted by demanding criminal charges against those involved, and it happened.  The people Hitchens called the 'Pick-Nose Pornographers' are going to spend long periods in prison for their crimes, and rightuflly so.  However, the MSM and Democratics don't seem bothered by, and often willfully ignore incidents of even worse abuse of human rights committed by the minions of Saddam, Bin Ladin, or even the UN.  They treat those atrocities as 'business as usual' and that's a very bad sign.

Dan Rather crashed in burned after flying too close to the sun with wings made of forged documents held together by bullsh*t.  And as he plunged, all he could say was that the story was true, only the evidence was phony

I find it fascinating that the same Dan Rather who brushed off accusations of rape against Bill Clinton as 'irrelevant' and 'old news' would become so obsessed with documents professing asinine behaviour from a man who campaigned on how Jesus and the love of his wife saved him from his asinine youth.  The MSM stood by him, and only turned when the tide of outrage among the general public, via the bloggers, was too big to ignore.

Bush won the election, despite the horrendous campaign of lies, and dirty tricks used by the Kerry/Edwards/Soros Campaign.  The wave of real moral outrage in the general public overran the manufactured outrage of the MSM/Democrat camp, and took him back to the White House.

They weren't voting to oppose gay marriage, as the MSM believes, but to support the value of striking back against those who seek to impose their fascist will on the world.  Both the Democrats and the MSM have to regain real outrage, and seek the truth, instead of manipulating the facts for short term political gain.  If they don't, it could mean being plunged deeper into the political wilderness in 2006 mid terms, and the 2008 election.

Have a New Year, don't forget to donate to tsunami relief and talk among yourselves...

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