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The CBS Rathergate Report is out and 4 heads have rolled, including long time producer Mary "I Hate Bush" Mapes. But that's not the real kicker.
The kicker is that the two elderly gents who headed the investigation said that 'political bias played no role' in the attempt to slander a wartime President out of office.
Yeah right.
And I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in.
The intrepid investigators claim that it was haste that was their undoing. They were in too much of a rush to 'get the scoop' to properly vet the facts.
Yeah right.
And I have a map that will take you to the lost treasure of Atlantis.
Mary Mapes has just been working on the story for 5 YEARS. She was on the hunt for anything to mar Bush's National Guard service before Dubya was even President. I'm sure she could have waited till 60 Minutes Sunday before she dropped this bombshell.
What's 5 days after 5 years?
When jobs, reputations, and the fate of a nation is on the line you're supposed to get your facts straight.
The real cause of Filegate wasn't haste, it was bias, arrogance, and what appears to be a long simmering vendetta.
With the way CBS is going, I'm pretty sure they're going to name Michael Moore the new anchor after Rather's bodily dragged out from behind the desk.


Blogger Awptimus watched and recorded leftist 'hate America' theologian Howard Zinn's recent appearance on Jon Stewart's DAILY SHOW on Comedy Central. There the deep thinker made comments like this:

Zinn: If people knew, if young people going to school, knew the history of American expansion, first on the continent, and then in the world, and if they knew the history of lies, and the history of massacres that took place along side this expansion, nobody would go to a recruiting station to sign up for any war, nobody.
Stewart: Well, that’s uh, that’s an interesting point of view.

Translation: America is evil and not worth defending. So sit back and let it be destroyed.

I think Zinn might have a point.

Democracies have to be evil, especially when they treat of people like Howard Zinn as intellectuals and deep thinkers and let them get rich off lecture fees and book royalties.
I say bring on the Islamofascist horde.

Any group that will stone a mentally handicapped girl for the 'crime' of being raped must be better than the satanic 'United States of Amerikkka' which believes in such wicked and contumely concepts as punishing the rapist.

Why doesn't Zinn put his money where his mouth is and go someplace where he can be truly free, because it's obvious that he's being terribly oppressed in the evil USA.

I suggest North Korea.

I think he'll be appreciated there.

And Jon Stewart, remember, you're supposed to be a comedian, and your show is supposed to be a comedy show. Your guests should be 'funny ha-ha' and not 'funny peculiar.'

Much kudos to
Awptimal for the intestinal fortitude to actual sit through the entire interview, and to Michelle Malkin for posting the link on her site.


FrontPage has an excellent think piece about Europe's Appeasement Policies. Read it, and tell your European friends to read it.


Oh deary me. Hillary (aka Senator A) Rodham-Clinton's chief campaign bagman David Rosen has been indicted for violating campaign finance laws for her 2000 Senate coronation. It appears he threw a Hollywood bash that both saluted her hubby and raised over a million spondoolicks for her campaign that weren't reported to FEC.

Apparently the bash/fundraiser was organised by a fellow named Aaron Tonken who is currently boardin' with the warden in the federal pen after pleading guilty to fraud. It looks like Hillary's fave party-planner has a taste for other people's money, especially money earmarked for charity.

A real class act there Hillary.

Can a Clinton ever raise money for anything that doesn't end in criminal indictments?

Probably not. Folks are starting to cast a hairy eyeball at questionable fundraising at the Clinton Library and its connection to the Oil for Food Scam. I mean the muck and mire just keeps getting deeper with them.

But this whole affair raises another question.

What was she doing raising money for a New York campaign in Hollywood, which, if I remember my geography, is on the opposite side of the country?

Maybe she should have run to represent Beverly Hills....

She already knows a good party planner who can help her.

But he's not available until 2009...

...and Hillary can't see anything past 2008...

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