Low Points on the Moral High Ground...


Dr. James Dobson, leader of Focus on the Family, really put his foot in it when he went after popular cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants for promoting a 'homosexual agenda.' His argument rises from a video put out by Spongebob network Nickolodeon which is basically a rehash of Sister Sledge's 'We Are Family' with various Viacom properties singing and dancing. The point of the video is to teach children not to beat up other children because they're different.
Dobson's group argues that other materials 'promote a homosexual agenda' by including references to not abusing others because of their 'sexual identity.'
I guess they think that being told that it's wrong to beat up homosexuals will somehow make them homosexual.
I've known several gays and lesbians in my life, and I'll bet dinars to donuts that none of them were 'turned' homosexual by believing that abusing homosexuals is wrong.
Plus I've always believed that abusing someone based on their race, religion or sexual orientation is wrong, and I'm still heterosexual.
Doesn't Dobson have anything better to do with his time?
Probably not.
There hasn't been a stray nipple on network tv in months.
Dobson tried to backtrack by claiming that his point was not about the sexual orientation of an asexual sea sponge, but to take a stand against 'the indoctrination of children.'
That's a noble idea.
Children should be taught to think and speak freely.
But taking a stand against cartoon characters asking children not to beat each other up is the wrong battle.
Dobson has given his opponents the strategic high ground. By targetting a cartoon character and expounding the myth that it could 'turn' children gay only serves to make him, his group, and his beliefs look ridiculous in the eyes of the general public.
Poor strategy like that is what turned the Democrats from a mainstream party into the home of America's fringe left.
Now Dobson is doing it to Focus on the Family.
Bad move...
This week saw the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in the United States. This transformed the act of abortion into the holy grail of the American Left and the third rail of American politics.
It also became pretty much the sole interest of the modern feminist movement. For some reason everything became related to abortion, and abortion, a violent and intrusive procedure even under the best of circumstances, was viewed as an absolute good.
The American Right didn't help, with screaming and often violent protests during the 80's and 90's and acts of domestic terrorism by mad bombers to whom abortion wasn't really a cause, but an excuse.
This gave the Pro-Abortion Left the moral high ground, and marginalized the Pro-Life Movement by lumping them with the bombers and screaming loonies.
It no longer mattered that Planned Parenthood was a leftover from the eugenics craze of the early 20th century, and its original purpose was to reduce the population of troublesome minorities. What mattered were the bombs going of on the streets of America and the TV coverage of screaming fanatics being dragged from clinics by police.
This led to the Pro-Abortion forces decision to push their luck. With their opinion that abortion was an absolute good, then all forms of abortion, including the violent and sadistic partial birth abortion, must be good.
That pushed it too far.
America's in the midst of a spiritual revival, and for the most part are repulsed by things like partial birth abortion and its inevitable result, with Dutch doctors developing protocols for the involuntary euthanasia of infants they deem 'unfit.'
Suddenly the general public didn't agree with the view that abortion was an absolute good anymore. They realized that the slippery slope was very real and dangerous.
Now there are two fundamental truths both sides will have to accept...
1. There will always be abortions. All attempts to completely ban the procedure will fail, it's too entrenched in law to be completely banned. The 'choice' will always be there, so the best strategy for the Pro-Life movement will be to campaign on a 'choose life' platform.
2. Abortions will be regulated. Partial birth abortions, and abortions past a certain point in the pregnancy will probably be regulated. Women's groups will naturally freak out, but to maintain their relevancy and the sympathy of the public they'll have to pick their battles carefully. Which is something the Left hasn't been good at lately.

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