Arab Media: The News From Planet Jihad....

It was inevitable.  The moment I first heard on the radio that a massive tsunami had wrecked a large part of Asia I knew that the Arab Media (Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya) were going to somehow blame the earthquake on America.
I figured they were going to blame it on Michael Moore doing jumping jacks and causing the tectonic plates to shift, but even I found that too unbelievable.  Michael Moore would never do jumping jacks.  Nope, they found a reason for the quake and tsunami that's just as ludicrous.
You see, according to much of the media of the Arab world, it was caused by secret deep sea, underground nuclear tests conducted by the evil USA, all purpose bogeyman Israel, and India.
First Karl Rove forces Bin Ladin to endorse Kerry, and then Bush causes a massive quake that killed at least 150,000 people.  Their powers must be god-like.
In other tsunami news, the tally of giving by individual American citizens keeps going up, getting close to $300,000,000.  That goes with the US government contribution of $350,000,000 and the services of two naval task forces.
Meanwhile the UN is providing a lot of bureaucrats whose main contributions seems to be endless demands that American and Australian military personnel who are doing the actual work to wear blue berets so the UN can take credit.  Read about it with the Diplomad.
Word has also come out of the amount of aid being given by the oil-bloated Saudis to their tsunami battered bretheren.  It's basically the steam off their pee.
Apparently they're worried that any aid they give might end up feeding an infidel, or worse, a Jew, so they're giving what they get back when they turn in their empties for the deposit. 
Hindrocket from POWERLINE endorses a speech about media bias and growing bigotry in the UK by a Melanie Phillips.  I've just downloaded the speech, but from what I read in the preview it looks like a scathing an accurate dissection of what's wrong with the media today.  Read the preview here.

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