A Presciption for the Media.


Seriously, you sound like one of those whackos who lives in a ramshackle hovel in woods writing a 5,000 page manifesto on how all evil in the world is the fault of a conspiracy between the Freemasons, the Jesuits, and the League of Women Voters.

This week Usama Bin Ladin put out a new video to show people that he's still alive, and hopefully steal some spotlight from his disciple turned rival in carnage Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

The video basically showed that Usama spouting the same pseudo-facts you'd find in Michael Moore films and John Kerry/MoveOn advertisements. In fact, it was almost word for word with them. Eerie!

Gab Show institution Larry King decided to interview grey eminence of CBS (pass the memo) News Walter Cronkite about the tape.

Did Cronkite have anything intelligent to say?

Sadly no.

Poor old Walter Cronkite, the man who declared the Tet Offensive a defeat, even though the Viet Cong had been almost completely wiped out, could only say that he suspected that Karl Rove somehow made Usama make the tape in some ploy to help Bush with the election.

All right...

Boy that Karl Rove must have almost supernatural powers. He must be able to magically find Usama and somehow compell the Saudi Psychopath to read a script from the next MoveOn ad campaign in some convoluted plot to 'steal the presidency.'

Wouldn't it be smarter if Rove used his incredible superpowers to find Bin Ladin, have Bush kill Usama with his bare hands on live TV and then deliver his head to American people.

Now that would have been a whopper of an October Surprise.

Sadly, the left and their media minions have slipped into a realm of paranoia that defies description.

It's time to take your meds Walter, and return from Planet Soros.

Talk among yourselves.


Yassar Arafat: Master of the Self-Fulfilling Idiocy.

Yassar Arafat the self proclaimed 'Father of the Palestinian Nation' is ill, and rumor has it that he might not survive the night, let alone the week.
Excuse me, I have to daub a tear.
Okay, I'm not exactly broken up about this. It's not like Yassar Arafat is like a Gandhi, or a Dalai Lama. In fact, he's the exact opposite. He's a corrupt and evil opportunist that has done nothing but bring misery to his people and prolonged a conflict that killed hundreds of Israelis and thousands of his fellow Palestinians, and all the while making himself a billionaire with a younger wife who lives in Paris like a queen.
Even when his health started to fail, he clung to power with an iron grip, brutally oppressing internal dissent and stepping up the anti-Israeli hatred. Not because the destruction of Israel is something he actually wants.
Hell no.
Arafat needs Israel.
If he loses Israel and his professional nemesis Sharon, then the Palestinian people might start looking at him and all the terrible things he's done to them.
He's cheated them, robbed them, and sent thousands to their pointless deaths. He's blocked every attempt at peace, because if peace comes, then he's in deep dog shit. But if he can keep the level of outrage high, then he's safe.
And if he loses Israel he also loses the lucrative scams he's been running. My personal fave, in an ironic way, was where he steals concrete tagged for Palestinian housing, and then sells it to Israel so they can use it to build the 'Security Wall' that is fueling so much Palestinian outrage.
If Arafat survives this latest health scare, and don't count him out, he has the tenacity of a roach, I think the Palestinian people should follow a new plan for peace.
Ignore him.
Just treat him for what he is. A cranky, miserly, mean-spirited little old man with delusions of grandeur and sticky fingers that are normally stuck in other people's wallets. Wall off his compound in Ramallah and then put up signs on the borderline with Israel that read: Now Entering Palestine / Please Ignore the Crazy Old Man, He Doesn't Know Any Better.
That will be the first step to a better life for all Palestinians.


Where the hell are those bombs?

Or to be more exact: When did those bombs disappear in the first place?

The completely objective braintrust at CBS News and the New York Times want you to believe that those 300-600 tons of explosives disappeared just the other day while George Bush aka Private Gomer Pyle, Texas Air National Guard watched.

And by coincidence, that's what the Kerry/Edwards/Soros Campaign wants you to believe too.

Well, well it turns out that they're LYING!

Ain't that a surprise.

The explosives went missing from the ammo dump in question while Saddam was still in power and Dubya was being dicked around by the UN over the then proposed invasion. A fact that was revealed in APRIL 2003, by an embedded NBC Camera crew who taped the arrival of the Yankee soldiers to the empty ammo dump.

Only now do the Democrats and their toadies at CBS and NYT see it, and then they try to blame it on Bush. And he's as responsible for those missing bombs as he is for the Great Chicago Fire.

Is this the Democrats lame-ass attempt at an October Surprise?

Hell, if this is the best they can dish out, then they don't deserve to be in power.

Maybe on election eve they're going to blame Bush for the Great Chicago Fire?

Talk among yourselves...

John Kerry is Jesus, this I know...

...because John Edwards told me so.


I have obtained the script for Democratic Veep Candidate John Edwards's next public appearance.

EDWARDS- Gimme a hallelujah!

(cue audience hallelujah)

Brothers, sisters, transgendered members of the family of humanity, we are at the crossroads. Where we face two choices. We can vote for a man who merely believes in God, or we can do the right thing and vote for a man who I believe IS GOD!

Yes! I'm saying John Forbes Kerry is the Second Coming!

Gimme a hallelujah!

(cue audience hallelujah)

For the seed of old money patricians is going to bring us a world of signs and wonders to behold.

The crippled will walk!

(cue hallelujah)

The blind shall see!

(cue hallelujah)

The French will stop stabbing us in the back!

(cue hallelujah)

And the Muslim Jihadist will join us hand in hand and sing "John Kerry Row Your Yacht Ashore!"

(cue hallelujah)

Sinclair Broadcasting and Fox News will be smote and Ruper Murdoch will be transformed into a pillar of salt!

(cue hallelujah)

(cue Edwards to start crying)

But all is not well my children. I am a humble, yet incredibly pretty, human being, my lovely wife has seen what lies ahead if the American people reject their true Democratic saviour. Testify sister!

(cue Mrs. Edwards dressed as the Oracle of Delphi)

MRS. EDWARDS- There will be riots and rumours of riots, blood will run down the streets in rivers! The air of Palm Beach and Beverly Hills will echo with the lamentations of rich white liberals wailing at their inability to figure out how to fill out a simple ballot. Lawyers, their legions numberless, will storm the courthouses, and chads will hang, pregnant with remorse. The people of the nation will feel a terrible DRAFT. Even though no one in the military wants it, but George W. Bush will do it, because he is evil! And France will continue to look down at us and treat us with contempt!

EDWARDS- Now to prevent this horrible vision of the apocalypse, we will need you all to make a 'love offering.' George Soros, the trial lawyers, and Hollywood, can't pay for everything you know. So please give generously. And don't forget to vote early and vote often!

(cue final hallelujah, and exit)

The Guardian Goes off the Deep End...

Faced with the failure of OPERATION CLARK COUNTY, where they tried to meddle in the American election, the UK lefty rag THE GUARDIAN's TV critic Charlie Brooker called for President Bush's assassination.

Now this call for political murder no doubt warmed the hearts of Jihadis the world over, but it didn't please many of The Guardian's readers.

Response to this glowing endorsement of terrorism committed by cryptofascist angry loners has been less than glowing. So The Guardian retreated, pulling the article from their website and offering a half-hearted apology found here.

Now I'm not shocked by words of Charlie Brooker, the left is desperate for new ideas and is still convinced that a glorious dictatorship of the proletariat is just one more left turn around the corner, but what really gets me is the total lack of reaction from the American Press.

I have yet to see one report on American TV about the controversy. Apparently having a foreign newspaper call for the assassination of the American President isn't really news, especially when that newspaper is the Democrat Party's biggest booster in the UK.

Of course if a right wing newspaper called for the murder of a Democratic politician, well, that would be the end of the world, and earn 24/7 coverage on every channel until that so-called journalist was imprisoned, or at least cast out into the wilderness to never write again.

But what can you expect from the people who brought us Memogate I & II among other atrocious crimes against reality.

Congratulations Comrade Brooker, you succeeded in making the Republicans look way better than ever.

Thank you.


The Guardian: Meddle and Mental...

It's official kiddies.

The owners, editors, and staff of UK newspaper THE GUARDIAN are off their nut.

First, the lefty rag shifts from its normal 'America is Evil' stance to actual meddling in the USA election. It was called OPERATION CLARK COUNTY, and its mission was to flood ordinary citizens of Clark County, Ohio with e-mails urging them to vote for the Kerry/Edwards/Soros Axis and oust President Dubya.

Apparently the eminent publication believes that all Americans need to see the error of their ways is having a pack of chain smoking, lager swilling, Saddam hugging, dentist avoiding, 70s left-back, fact avoiding, pseudo-intellectual tabloid hacks flood their inboxes with spam calling them idiots for not liking The Guardian's pet candidate.

Well, whose the idiot now?

Apparently The Guardian had to end Operation Clark County because an overwhelming number of responses said that their attempt at vote meddling had convinced them to vote for Bush.

You gotta love the American people.

They're not going to be bullied by a pack of Limey Spammers. In fact they'd take such an attempt as an insult to their national honour and their democracy and would pledge themselves to doing whatever it will take to piss the meddlers off.

Way to go American Voters of Clark County Ohio. I salute you!


Kerry's Global Test: With Friends Like These...

Back in the early days of his campaign Senator John Forbes Kerry stated that there was a group, or cabal, of foreign leaders who supported his run for the Presidency. Now he played mum at actually naming names, but a little digging has revealed just who the foreign leaders who love Kerry are. In fact several have come out to openly endorse him.

Kerry's International Supporters:

  1. Yasser Arafat / Palestinian Authority: The self-proclaimed 'Father of the Palestinian Nation' took time from ordering suicide bombings and his lucrative hobby of stealing concrete meant for Palestinian housing and selling it to Israel so they can build their controversial 'Security Wall' to endorse the candidacy of John Kerry. His foreign minister Nabil Shaath said that a Kerry Presidency would be "A good thing," and expressed pleasure at Kerry's vow to name Arafat's buddy Bill Clinton as the Middle East envoy. Arafat and his cronies hate Bush, because Dubya's refusal to negotiate with people who use terrorism, but Kerry thinks a background organising massacres and bombings qualifies you as a "statesman."
  2. Kim Jong-Il / North Korea: Now everybody's fave puppet supervillain hasn't openly declared support for Kerry. But his state run media mouthpieces have been playing his anti-Bush speeches and giving him coverage that some have described as "glowing." Apparently wily wingnut Kim likes Kerry's pledge to repeat Bill Clinton's 1994 blunder of bilateral negotiations without the input of China, South Korea and Japan.
  3. The Ayatollahs / Iran: Those lovable terrorist backers and nuke mongers are having all their state-run media outlets run glowing reviews of Kerry. Why? Because he's offering to give them nuclear fuel, on the promise that they won't use it to make atomic bombs, repeating the 1994 Clinton fiasco that made North Korea's nuke program a success.
  4. Communist Party/ People's Republic of China: They like Kerry because he opposed the linking of 'Most Favoured Nation' status with their dismal human rights performance. Apparently they like Kerry's heartfelt belief that the massacre of freedom hungry students in Tiannemen Square and the abuse and torture of Tibetan Buddhists shouldn't interfere with the steady flow of cheap plastic toys and bootleg DVDs.
  5. Pres. Jacques Chirac / France: Well, d'uh! Kerry was raised in Swiss Boarding schools and family vacation homes in France, speaks French like a local, and believes in the French philosophy of appeasing terrorists and blaming all the world's problems on the USA. While cruising for votes of Yanks living in France, the Chairman of Democrats Abroad said that Kerry "is the closest thing that you will have to a French politician." Way to insult the guy.
  6. Communist Party / Vietnam: Of course they'd support Kerry. He was their chief public relations man in the USA during the early 70's with his congressional testimony slandering all American GIs as war criminals, and his trips to Paris to secretly meet with VC representatives. In fact there's even a small shrine to Kerry as a hero of the Viet Cong cause in Ho Chi Minh City's War Museum. Of course they'd love him.

Pardon my French, but holy shit.

With friends like these, who needs enemies.


Well Jerk MY Knee 2: The Thing That Ate Hollywood

I read something very interesting this morning. It was an Associated Press article about actor/activist & Republican convert Ron Silver and how Hollywood's reacted to his dumping of the knee-jerk 'America is evil even though it's made me rich' attitude most common in LaLaLand. Basically the article said that work has been slim for him since his conversion, consisting of one guest spot on LAW & ORDER as guess what, a knee jerk leftist lawyer opposing the war.

But that wasn't what really caught my eye.

What really caught my eye was the name Margery Tabankin.

Who is Margery Tabankin?

Apparently she makes her living by telling rich Hollywood celebs where to donate their money. Specifically, which political parties and special interest 527 groups should be the benificiaries of their largesse.

I knew it.

They average Hollywood star literally can't wipe their own ass without a script to follow (big words spelled phonetically) and a director to tell them how to hold the Cottonelle correctly.

Does night clubbing, fashion show attending, award getting, and press junket attendance take up so much time and mental effort that they can't spare the half-hour a day to read a newspaper, watch the news, or do any kind of research into the future of a nation that made them rich, famous, and the object of adorations for millions of sheep like fans?

I guess it does, and that's why they hire people like Tabankin to do the thinking for them.

But with all their money, fame, and undue influence over the great unwashed, don't you think they should at least do a little bipartisan research before leaping on the bandwagon?

Then again, if celebrities only did sane and responsible things, then they wouldn't be famous in the first place.

That's enough for tonight.

Talk among yourselves.


Simple Simon Met A PieMan...

...and then he and his buddy tossed their dessert at Republican Fembot Anne Coulter in a vain attempt to keep her from making a speech at the University of Arizona.

Now that's a bright way to make your case.

Not only do you look like two dinguses (or is that dingi?) you were faked out by her superhuman cyborg reflexes and you only grazed your target with a little creamy shrapnel.

Not only are you idiots, you're really, really bad at it too.

Now the accused, Phillip Edgar Smith & William Zachary Wolff (AKA 'Al-Pieda'), are now facing felony and misdemeanor charges for their little stunt. They claim that they were justified in their tomfoolery because they were 'throwing pies at her ideas and not her.'

So that's your excuse for you crappy aim.

The incident also illustrates a big problem the political left has: It's run out ideas, so they try to demean those that don't agree with them with silly, and childish stunts.

Remember the Republican National Convention. The protestors didn't have anything constructive to say, or alternatives to present, so the compared Bush to Hitler and held such mentally stimulating events like mass panty flashings, petty vandalism, and childish mugging for the unblinking eyes of the media.

Universities, once hotbeds of new ideas, have become the rotting carcass of 60s idealism that's covered with the creeping maggots of a new fascism. Speeches of conservative speakers are regularly attacked by students and professors, who then bury any intellectual discourse with screams and shouts, book burnings of 'politically incorrect' material occur regularly, and openly racist groups are allowed to meet on campus, as long as they profess to be against America and it's ideals.

And when the maggots of fascism are challenged do you know what they do?

They scream and yell, and throw pies, and flash their panties in desperation.

If that's the best you can do, then maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself and the 'ideals' that you claim to profess.

That's enough ranting for now...

Talk among yourselves.


Well Jerk My Knee: Hollywood, Politics, the Cult of Celebrity, & Why Some People Should Just Shut Up...

Well, the election's coming and Hollywood's brain trust is out in force, stumping for their man John Kerry.

And they're not being quiet about it. In fact, you can't shut them up on it. I wish you could, but you can't, because that wouldn't be nice. You've got Bruce Springsteen and other washed up rockers on their 'Vote for Change' tour, you've got Leonardo DiCaprio making speeches for Kerry, and various entertainment shows musing on Ben Affleck's future political career. (If his movie career keeps going the way it is, he's gonna need the work.)

And they're making political comments. Under the guise of 'getting out the vote' various celeb spokesmen are spreading the Kerry/Edwards/Soros gospel of rumour mongering about mythical drafts, and actress/model/intellectual giant Cameron Diaz declaring that 'rape will be legal' if people don't vote. (or vote Democrat to be specific)

It's almost enough to make you want to pass a law taking away the right to vote of anyone famous.

And the media seems to be buying into this. They treat every declaration made by these actors like they're pearls of wisdom from the great sages, and not the semi-digested mental pablum of people who couldn't order lunch without someone to script it out for them.

Aside from me, the man who knows all, the only other people who seem to see this are SOUTH PARK comedic hooligans Matt Stone and Trey Parker. In fact, they made celebrity lefties a major target of fun, and puppet related mayhem in their TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE movie.

I haven't seen the film yet, so I won't pass judgement on it, but I did catch the creators on 60 MINUTES, and since the interview didn't involve forged memos, I thought it was a pretty accurate depiction. In the interview they said that every dog thinks they're a wolf inside, and that every actor thinks they're some intellectual giant because they can repeat clever lines other people wrote for them. They also stated that the sight of Sean Penn playing buddy-buddy with Saddam Hussein and making bold declarations about world politics was pure comedy gold.

And they're right.

If it wasn't doing so much harm, it would be endlessly hillarious.

Sadly, celebrities have way more influence on how people think, thanks to our 24/7 cable news celeb worshipping culture. And if Kerry/Edwards/Soros wins, it'll be thanks to America's blind worship of celebrities.

But all is not lost.

Character actor and activist Ron Silver, for years an outspoken liberal, has become an articulate and tireless campaigner, not just for President Bush, but against the Michael Moore school of thought that is dominating his Hollywood colleagues. It'll probably get him blacklisted out of the industry, but he's doing it anyway.


Probably because he is one of the smartest actors working in Hollywood who won't go with the sort of knee-jerk 'America is the font of all evil' mindset that passes for intellectualism these days, just because it's fashionable. He's literate, knowledgeable in the fields of history and world affairs, and doesn't base all his knowledge on the ravings of MoveOn.org. He sees the threat that America, and the entire western world is facing, for what it is. And that even though he and Bush might disagree on a lot of issues, they do agree that America is not inherently evil or even imperialist, and that if there is to be peace in the future it will have to be forged by America.

Sadly, folks like him are rare in Hollywood.

At least prettyboy actor Brad Pitt has some good sense. When asked for a political opinion he said:

"Why are you asking me, I'm a grown man who wears make-up for a living."

Preach on Brother Brad.

Maybe you'll eventually knock some sense into your colleagues.


UPDATE: Like the pod people in THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS the Kerry/Edwards/Soros campaign has snagged poor Brad. I saw him make an appearance for the Kerry campaign at his old alma-mater. They must have sucked out what little common sense he had and replaced it with a copy of Noam Chomsky's latest diatribe.

Poor bastard.


Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics...

Once while arguing with a knee-jerk leftist associate, about Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, the leftist said it was okay for Michael Moore to lie about everything in his film, because George W. Bush lied in his Presidency.

Say what?

And it seems that his attitude has spread like syphillis at a swingers convention. ABC News Honcho Mark Halperin said in a memo to ABCNews staff that it was okay for Kerry to lie, but that everything Dubya says must be treated as a lie, whether it is or not.

This why I've broken from the Political Left. They've forgotten two fundamental truths.




I tried to convince him of this simple fact, but then my leftist associate curled into a fetal position, put his hands on his ears and started screaming 'Bush is a Weenie' at the top of his lungs.

It was a sad sight.

Too bad the Democratic Party and their minions are doing the exact same thing. They've become so desperate for power that they will say and do anything to get it back, no matter how much damage it does to the country.

Right now they're spreading lies about a coming draft, voter suppression, and even the reasons for going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jeez Louise- Terry McCauliffe the DNC Chair told Christopher Hitchens that he now believes that the war against the Taliban had nothing to do with 9/11, but was all a scam to build an unecessary and unwanted oil pipeline. Why does he believe this? Because Michael Moore told him so.

Now that's scary.

Not only are they basing their platform on lies... these lies don't make a damn bit of sense.

Maybe if they weren't so desperate for power the Dems could break away from the fabulations of the Kerry/Moore/Soros Axis and actually come up with a viable candidate that will fight to protect the good life that America has created.

I doubt it.

Who's being Divisive Now?

It's amazing how the Democrats, the Political Left and their media cronies have been so quick to label Prez Dubya the 'D' word: DIVISIVE.

Let's look at recent history. While Governor of Texas Dubya had a rep for being a negotiator, and a consensus builder. In fact many in the Republican Party opposed Bush's run for the nomination on the grounds that he was 'too chummy' with Texas Democrats.

Then 9/11 came. Bush followed his instincts and struck back at those who attacked America and their state-sponsors. Then all of sudden he became divisive. Apparently it was unifying to attack Afghanistan, but it was evil and illegal to attack Saddam Hussein's regime.

The Kerry/Edwards/Soros (KES) campaign claims that Bush entered Iraq with no allies. That's a lie. There's a larger and more multinational force in Iraq, than in the UN sponsored Korean Conflict. And whenever the piddling little fact that America actually does have allies, the KES Axis decries them as being 'the bribed and the coerced' because they didn't include France, Germany and Russia.

Isn't that an attempt to forge a division between the USA, Poland, Britain, Australia and the others?

I think that's being divisive.

And let's look at race. Dubya's record as Texas Governor was one of the better ones for promoting equality and race relations. Yet in 2000, then candidate Al Gore declared to the NAACP that electing Bush would be 'a return to segregation.' Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the Democrats who invented and maintained segregation for almost a hundred years after Republicans took the right to own slaves away from Al Gore's ancestors.

And late in 2000, during the Palm Beach 'hanging chad' debacle, the Gore camp realised they were losing and started rumours of 'voter suppression.' Suddenly lily white Palm Beach, Florida became a center of oppressed African Americans. The rumours still persist, despite the lack of evidence, because the Democrats and their friends in the media keep it alive. It's even a key part of the strategy if Bush wins by a narrow margin this year. Apparently a DNC manual was leaked ordering their soldiers to scream 'voter suppression' and 'racism' even if there's no evidence to prove it.

I think that's being divisive.

It's almost as if the Democrats heard of Bush's consensus work in Texas and screamed 'Get thee behind me Satan, thou shalt not tempt me with your charms, logical arguments, and mangled phraseology.'

It's sad, because it turned what briefly used to be a party of unity, back to its roots as the party of machine politics, slander, dirty tricks, racism, and deceit.

For shame.


Well, Well, Mr. Stewart. Aren't you all that and a bag of chips?

I'm all for bias in political satire. But there's a simple rule that any satirist must follow.


Lately the press has been practically fellating comedian/tv host John Stewart for his role as official court jester for the 2004 election, and it seems that it's completely gone to his head.

During an appearance on CNN's CROSSFIRE he completely wigged, attacking conservative co-host Tucker Carlson, calling him a 'dick' and he and liberal co-host Paul Begala 'partisan hacks.' For the complete transcript click here.

Apparently any show that doesn't completely kiss John Kerry's ass is considered 'harmful to America' by Mr. Stewart.

Well, John, can I call you John, I guess you think your shit don't stink either. Don't forget that THE DAILY SHOW isn't a one man band, and that your particular group would be nothing without the others, especially writer/performer Stephen Colbert.

You forgot the first rule of being a political satirist, providing no real laughs during your appearance. If you want to take a shot at Bush, or even Carlson, then make it a funny one, don't plunge to name calling, and loud declarations that political debate is somehow harmful.

Jeez. Is that the Kerry/Edwards/Soros vision of the future. One where there is only party and only point of view allowed on TV.

That's scarier than the Patriot Act.

When a person like Stewart appears on a show like CROSSFIRE he's supposed to make a few political jokes, plug his book and then make a couple of more jokes. He's not supposed to go on declare himself the king of civilised political discourse and then rudely insult anyone who calls him on it.

And apparently, as word of his televised meltdown spread rating for the DAILY SHOW have dropped. 7% so far, and that's a lot in the paper thin ratings margins of the cable tv universe.

Kerry better get elected for Stewart's sake. Then Kerry can have the FCC yank the broadcast licenses of any channels that don't play along with the party line, and he'll be the only comedian left.


Fear & Loathing On The Campaign Trail

The Politics of Fear.

It's not just for Bin Laden anymore.

In fact the US Democratic Party has engaged in some classic fear and loathing tactics that would make Bin Ladin smile.

First up is the ongoing "Dubya's Bringing Back the Draft" campaign. Well, if you want the truth about that, and since you're reading this blog, I'm sure you are, then click here.

Now the latest tactic is to scream "voter suppression." And a recently uncovered Democratic Party manual says that party minions should scream 'racism' and 'voter suppression' even if there is none. In fact, the manual states that it should be done, especially if there is no evidence.

And they claim that Bush is divisive.

The Democrats, the same party that brought America the Klu Klux Klan, is trying to use race to either:

  1. Steal an election they lost by getting their pet trial lawyers to get some sympathetic judges to hand them the Presidency. Or
  2. Use the myth of a 'Vast Right Wing Racist Conspiracy' to discredit a victorious Republican President and hopefully divide the country even more.

There are also reports that DNC officials in several key battleground states are trying to intimidate newspapers to only accept political ads that are given the OK by the Kerry/Edwards/Soros Campaign.

Now that's the way to protect America's freedoms.

I guess having a $300 million dollar war chest, compared to Bush's $240 million just isn't enough. They have to suppress free speech.

Here's a quote, and I want you to guess where it came from.

"(We) must spread rumours, fear, and discouragement among the members of our
enemy's forces."

Now you have two choices. Did it come from A) DNC internal memo. or B) A Fatwa issued by Usama Bin Ladin. Highlight to find the answer.

THE ANSWER: A Fatwa issued by Usama Bin Ladin. Though it does sound a hell of a lot like it could have come from a DNC memo.


WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? Part 2: The Thing From Bizarro World

It's time for me to get back at what I do best. Ragging on my former associates on the Political Left.

The Kerry/Edwards/Soros Campaign has been repeatedly making some rather baldfaced lies about Iraq and the War on Terror. They and their toadies have been saying that the Prez made "a colossal error in judgement," by invading Iraq, and also declaring that "Iraq is not even the centre of the focus of the war on terror. The center is Afghanistan." Even former counterterrorism czar turned media darling Richard Clarke said: "Invading Iraq in response to 9/11 would be like Franklin Roosevelt invading Mexico in response to Pearl Harbour."

Let's look at the facts.


  1. Abu Abbas- Boss of the 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking and the murder of wheelchair-bound American retiree Leon Klinghoffer. Captured by American forces in Baghdad in April 2003. Apparently he had been living there for years under the care and protection of guess who: SADDAM HUSSEIN.
  2. Ramzi Yousef- Mastermind of the 1993 WTC attack. An Iraqi citizen who entered the USA using an Iraqi passport and then escaped the USA after the attack with a forged Pakistani passport.
  3. Abdul Rahman Yasin- Bombmaker for the 1993 WTC attack. Escaped to Iraq where he was sheltered and supported by the Saddam Regime.
  4. Abu Nidal- (Born Sabri Al-Banna) His faction killed at least 400 people including 10 Americans, and wounded almost 800 more. He and his group recieved safe haven, money, training, and logistical support from Syria, Libya and IRAQ. He lived openly in Baghdad from 1999 until his mysterious assassination in 2002.
  5. Abu Musab al Zarqawi- Born in Jordan. Fled Jordan after doing time for rape to join Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. As the Taliban was collapsing he fled to Baghdad where he recieved medical attention. Ran Al-Qaeda camp for an Anti-Kurdish/Pro-Saddam faction called Ansar al-Islam. Currently runs the so-called 'insurgeny' in the Sunni Triangle.


  1. Saddam Hussein paid out $10,000 to $25,000 to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. The purpose of this was to hinder any attempt at peace between Israel and the Palestinians and was paid with funds from the failed UN Oil for Food Scam.
  2. Saddam's Iraqi Intelligence Service plotted to kill George HW Bush during a visit to Kuwait in 1993. Plot was intercepted and broken by Kuwaiti Counter Intelligence.
  3. Set up a base outside Baghdad called Salman Pak. It's purpose was to train aspiring hijackers on the ways and means of seizing control of an airplane using the fuselage of an old Russian TU-145 as a mock up of a Boeing passenger plane.
  4. Set up numerous training camps with al-Zarqawi for Al Qaeda faction Ansar al-Islam. Their purpose? Well, it wasn't to teach them to play baseball.

Don't let the lies of political opportunists blind you to the facts. This is a real war, with real enemies, real goals and yes, even real allies.


Gay Marriage: How the Right Screwed The Pooch On This Issue.

In the Interest of fairness, even though I'm not a remotely fair person, I've decided to not rag on the political left in this post and turn my attention to a blunder by the political right.

There's been a lot in the news about the issue of gay marriage in America. Some states have legalised it, only to have it tossed out by voters or the courts. Other states have tried to ban it, only to have that thrown out by voters or the courts. One constant is the Bush Administration's (minus Dick Cheney) opposition to gay marriage.

I think the President and the religious leaders have handled this whole issue wrong.


That's right. Preachers should look down from their pulpits and declare that homosexuals need to get married, settle down and start adopting and raising good Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Hindu children. The President should put a big billboard of himself overlooking Castro Street in San Francisco with the slogan: "You better put a ring on that finger."

Think of what it could do for the economy. Recent surveys show gay and lesbian couples have a lot of disposable income, so let's get them spending it on flowers, catering, tuxedos/gowns, reception hall rentals, and most importantly, fees for clergymen.

Oh sure, there are those who think homosexuality's 'sinful' but aren't Christians in particular taught to love and forgive sinners, because we're all sinners when you boil it down. So what's the best way to show that you love them? Get them to throw a kick-ass wedding with the church's blessing!


Damn it.

I always cry at weddings....


If You Don't Like It, Ban It.

Once again the politic left in America has brought the art of hypocrisy to a whole new level. After 3 years of griping and whining aobut how the evil Patriot Act is going to destroy our civil liberties, they launch a wave of attacks aiming to shut down that pesky right-wing abomination: Freedom of Speech.

First they threaten legal action against bookstores for carrying John O'Neil's UNFIT TO COMMAND, a very critical look at John Kerry's four months in Vietnam and his period as mouthpiece for the North Vietnamese Communist Party. Now they are trying to punish Sinclair Broadcasting for the unmitigated gall of airing a documentary that is critical of John Forbes Kerry called STOLEN HONOR.

Apparently the film takes a very harsh look at Kerry's career as an anti-war activist, and especially how his now discredited congressional testimony and involvement in the Winter Soldier project was used to justify the brutal torture and mistreatment of Americans held prisoner by the North Vietnamese. The crux of the argument was that their North Vietnamese captors justified their disregard of the Geneva Convention because John Kerry testified that all American soldiers, at every level, were guilty of murder, rape, looting and pillaging.

The Democratic party is now seeking the election commission to fine Sinclair Broadcasting, and the FCC to otherwise punish them for daring to claim that John Forbes Kerry is anything less than the Second Coming of Jesus.

They have a point.

Decidely partisan political films don't belong on broadcast tv.

They belong in major theatrical releases with multimillion dollar ad budgets, and then repeated viewing on cable specialty channels.

Democratic Party surrogates have flooded the media with anti-Bush/pro-Kerry propaganda ranging from "FAHRENHEIT 9/11," to "GOING UPRIVER: THE LONG WAR OF JOHN KERRY," to "BUSH'S BRAIN." Robert Redford's Sundance Channel has dedicated over 81 hours of its air-time over the next month to slandering the President.

Now I don't see Bush and the Republicans pushing to ban the Sundance Channel, even though it is violating campaign finance and advertising laws.

That would be violating their right to free speech.

But if you try to criticize a Democrat, then you're in big trouble and your right to free speech doesn't count anymore.

Say what you want about Bush, but don't diss the Democrats.

It just might get you locked up.


Do you feel a draft?

As I write this piece I'm listening to a Canadian radio report about Democrats spreading rumours that if re-elected George W. Bush would reinstate the military draft. They even had actor/loudmouth/political ignoramus John Cusack ranting and raving about how the evil Republicans are going to enslave the population into the military so they can start a never-ending series of wars for no reason other than they're evil.

One word can sum up that little theory...


If old Dubya was to suddenly go off his nut and reinstate the draft two things would happen.

  1. Even a Republican dominated congress would refuse to pass a bill reinstating the draft.
  2. And even if Dubya subverted the constitution to do it, the US Military would refuse to accept the draftees.


  1. Any Rep or Senator who puts forward or votes for a draft bill would suddenly realise that he/she is in their last term in office. They'd be voted out at the first election, if not impeached sooner.
  2. The American Military doesn't want ignorant draftees being dumped on them by the thousands. The modern 21st Century military doesn't want cannon fodder to hurl into enemy fire like some Napoleonic Field Marshal. The modern military wants people who are ready and, more importantly, willing to learn the skills a 21st Century warrior needs.

That's not to say that there hasn't been an attempt to pass a bill reinstating the draft. It was voted down unanimously, and do you know who proposed it?


Yep, good old Dem stalwart Charley Rangel of New York proposed a bill reinstating the draft, and even he voted against it. The purpose of this little excercise was to full rumours of comeback of the draft to be spread by Kerry/Soros surrogates.

It's shameful fear-mongering on the part of the Democrats who have shown such a craven and opportunistic lust for power that only makes me want Dubya to win even more. I may not like him or some of his policies, but he's proving himself better than the Democrats everytime they open their mouths.

Can the war on terror be won?

Who knows?

If there is one thing history has taught us is that there will always be some yahoo thinking that blowing up innocent people is the best way to put his political/religious view across. If anything terrorism is just that an 'ism,' and you can't completely destroy an 'ism.' Take communism for example, it was an utter failure, but there are still people who would love to see it all over the world.

So the answer is probably no.

There is no way to 'win' the war on terrorism.

However, unlike Senator Kerry, we shouldn't just classify it as a 'nuisance,' ignore it and hope that it goes away. Just because it's an idea doesn't make it indestructible. We may not be able to defeat terrorism, but we can make damn sure that it's incredibly inconvenient, and most certainly deadly to become a terrorist or for a state to offer aid and comfort to terrorists.

But before I go on, let's look at the root causes of modern Islamist, or as I prefer to call it Usamist, terrorism.

Now Senator Kerry and his financial sugardaddy George Soros seems to think that poverty and ignorance seem to be the root of terrorism. That's an interesting theory, but it's kinda shot down by the fact that the majority of terrorist tend to be from the Arab world's educated middle and upper classes. In fact quite a few seem to be studying engineering. It's like the now beatified Che Guevera, who was shot while trying to organise a 'peasant's revolution' in Bolivia. His 'rebel army' didn't have a single peasant in its ranks, instead it was made up mostly of upper class college kids rebelling against their parents.

And it's not that the average Usamist Jihadi doesn't know what life in the Western world is really. Most of the educated terrorists have spent at least some time in schools in Europe and/or North America and they still hate us. The reason why? Well they come over, taste our free western life, and then declare that we're a nest of foul sinners, and that it's our corrupt, decadent, and thoroughly 'evil' way of life is the real reason their homelands are stuck in the dark ages. Exposure to the west radicalizes them even more, and they believe that the Islamic world can be restored to some glorious global caliphate based on a historical model that never really existed.

How do we stop them?

Kerry says we should treat them like the South American drug cartels, as a law enforcement problem. Okay, but if you'll step down from Bizarro world, then we can let you in on a few subtle differences. Drug Cartels exist to make their their members rich and powerful. Terrorist Jihad factions exist to kill as many people as they can until the world surrenders and adopts the demented interpretation of religion and law that guides their lives.

Billionaire profiteer & Kerry backer George Soros stated recently that he would combat Islamic terrorism by having the USA adopt the Kyoto Accord and sign on to the UN's International War Crimes Tribunal. Maybe I heard wrong, but Usama and his followers don't give a camel's hairy backside about Kyoto, and I don't think the USA will ever join an organisation that would see it's leaders frivolously charged as war criminals by the likes of Syria, Sudan, and North Korea.

But what to do about terrorism if acting nice won't make them go away?

What you have to do is use direct military power to smash the countries that support terrorism, and at the same time use covert action to crush terrorist cells operating worldwide. We must make it impossible for them to recruit new killers and raise money, to be blunt, we must terrorize the terrorist.

One politically incorrect method was used by General "Black Jack" Pershing in the Philippines. During the 1900's the Moro tribe rebelled, fuelled by Wahabi Islamic fundamentalism recently imported from Arabia. Pershing capture 5 prominent Moro leaders. He had 4 shot with bullets greased with pig fat and ordered the 5th to tell the others what happened. By using the 'pig fat' bullets Pershing turned their own fundamentalism against them, denying them their ticket to heaven and their 77 virgins.

The tactic was brutal but effective, ending the uprising within days.

We may not completely destroy the idea of terrorism, but if we make it very dangerous to support or become a terrorist, we might be able to bring it under control.

At least until the next wave of nutbars arrive.


What Must Be Done, or 3 Ideas for Tomorrow

  1. End the West's dependence on oil. How? Hydrogen. And no I'm not just talking about fuel cells that have been 'just around the corner' for five years now. I'm talking about a simple modification that can be done on a gasoline engine that can make it burn hydrogen. Apparently the only waste is a small amount of steam. Where can we get the hydrogen? Well, there's a process that takes raw sewage and turns it into 3 useful products: hydrogen, solid carbon and heat. Use the hydrogen for fuel, make products out of the carbon, like lightweight but superstrong alternatives to steel, and use the heat to make steam that'll turn turbines that'll produce electricity. We've got an infinite supply of sewage coming out of our cities and farms every day. It's time we put it to work.
  2. End suburban sprawl. For the past 50 years we've been operating under the myth that cities are a problem to be escaped. Well here's a thought: CITIES AREN'T THE PROBLEM, THEY'RE THE SOLUTION. The Western World's headlong flight into the myth of suburban tranquility has created a society that is literally chained to automobiles, growing fatter by the day, and is disconnected from its fellow human beings. We need to rethink urban planning to break away from the automobile, and embrace things like convenient and efficient public transit, and walking. Here's a simple test, if you can't walk to you neighborhood grocery store in under 20 minutes, then you are living in a poorly designed community. Eliminate freeways and expressways and replaced them with properly planned communities with accessible public transit. I'm not saying that we should eliminate the automobile. I'm just saying that we should rethink our relationship with it. It was created to serve us, not the other way around.
  3. Look for new a new industrial base. Find uses for the base carbon left by the sewage/hydrogen process. Then look for other alternative materials that can be cheaply mass produced to take some of the burden off our already endangered forests. I'm talking about industrial hemp and bamboo being grown in former tobacco fields in great quantities and then used for everything from paper to plywood. It can be done, the world just needs someone with the stones and the money to do it. Use these new materials and processes to produce quality industrial jobs, that will in turn create more people capable of buying your new products.

Worse than who...? Part 3: A Simple Test

As the American Left thrashes in its final death throes, its pet pundits once again lash out at the Bush administration claiming all sorts of horrible things and repeatedly proclaiming that George W. "Dubya" Bush is "Worse than Hitler."

Once again it exposes the combined ignorance and naivete that seems to dominate the debate of the Political Left. So I've put together a little test that people can use to see if Bush really is the dictator they claim he is.


  1. If Michael Moore is not in prison or executed, then George W. Bush is NOT worse than Hitler.
  2. If George Soros hasn't had all his billions seized and been executed, then Dubya is NOT worse than Hitler.
  3. If the Democratic Party is still legal and its members of Congress neither imprisoned or executed, then Dubya is NOT worse than Hitler.
  4. If the next Presidential debate doesn't end with Dubya having Kerry and Thereza Heinz-Kerry shot, than he is NOT worse than Hitler.
  5. If Dubya doesn't order the police to open fire on protesters with live ammunition or nerve gas, then he is NOT worse than Hitler.
  6. If Dubya doesn't suspend the constitution and declare himself Supreme Leader for Life, then he is NOT worse than Hitler.
  7. If Dubya doesn't install gas chambers and mass crematoriums to use against registered Democrats or people of a different religion than him, then he is NOT worse than Hitler.
  8. If the offices of MoveOn.org aren't raided by the FBI and all of its staff summarily executed, then Dubya is NOT worse than Hitler.

My suggestion to the American Left is to relax. It's not like Republicans are firing gunshots into Democratic Party offices, trashing campaign headquarters and being caught on videotape pissing on Kerry/Edwards campaign signs.

Actually, I think it was Democrats who were doing all that to Republicans.


IN MEMORIAM: The Validity of the Political Left

I used to think of myself as a pretty liberal guy, I believe in universal public health care, equality of the races and genders, gay marriage, and separation of church and state, but lately I've been finding myself lumped in with the Political Right.

It's not my fault, I like to think of myself as progressive, it's just that definition of progressive has changed. It used to mean that you're always looking for ways to improve society and the people in it through education and positive social action. Now, to be progressive you must be a blind supporter of any crackpot fascist fanatic as long as they're opposed to a Republican President.

That's just nuts.

Attend any anti-Bush protest and you'll see upper middle class kids borrowing their parent's Lexus SUVs so they can wave signs in support of people who would gladly cut their throats and dance in the arterial spray.

Why are people protesting in support of those who would gladly kill them and/or strip them of their precious human rights?

The answer is simple.

In the minds of the Political Left's Pseudo Intellectual Commissars all the world's problems are somehow the fault of the USA and the Republican Party. As long as you hate a Republican President you can do no wrong, you walk with the angels, and your feces are an olfactory delight.

Sadly this point of view has infected the mainstream American media. Examples of this obsessive anti-Republicanism can be found not only in the CBS Rathergate scandal, but in a recently released memo by ABC News honcho Mark Halperin, which basically declared that it's okay for John Kerry to lie, distort, and cheat, but to come down on any misinformation or misstatements from Bush like a ton of bricks.

That explains the media's willful ignorance of stories from John Kerry's past like his Christmas in Cambodia, his meeting with the Viet Cong in Paris in violation of the Logan Act, his voting record in the Senate, his involvement in the slanderous Winter Soldier Project, as well as his biggest donors billionaire George Soros, and movie producer Steve Bing who both have given over $16,000,000.00 each to the DNC and its surrogates like MoveOn.

Dubya chokes on a pretzel and it's held up as some disqualification for the Presidency, John Kerry has a shrine built to him in Vietnam's War Museum as an "Ally of the Viet Cong," and there's no scrutiny or reporting at all.

The Left, through its dominance of the media has pretty much destroyed rational political debate, burying it under a wave of half-truths, outright lies, and insulting and slanderous rhetoric. A good example is Abu Al-Zarquawi, the chief Al-Quaida goon in Iraq. His movement is called an 'insurgency' implying that it has widespread popular support, when in fact we're discovering that the bulk of his fighters are foreigners with no connection to Iraq whatsoever. They also refer to him being 'imprisoned by the Jordanian government' as a youth when they discuss his background. This implies that Al-Zarquawi was locked up for political dissent, a not uncommon occurence in the Middle East. Well, that's not true. For some reason the mainstream press doesn't think it's relevant to reveal that Al-Zarquawi wasn't locked up for his politics or religion, he was locked up because he was convicted of rape.

Now that's the sort of guy the left wants running Iraq.

The Left also beatifies Muqtada Al-Sadr, a self-proclaimed cleric whose army of goons is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Iraqis. Al-Sadr's dream is to create a state where homosexuals are executed for the crime of their existence, women are enslaved, and democracy and the rule of law is subsumed to the whim of a psycopathic theocracy.

And the Left calls Bush evil for being religious.

You can call Bush evil when he stuffs a church full of dead women and children in the hopes of embarassing his political opponents. Something Al-Sadr did that the mainstream press chooses to ignore, apparently because it can't be blamed on Bush.

The Left has to pick their battles more carefully if they're going to survive.

Their enemy isn't Bush and the Republicans, it's Osama Bin-Ladin's Jihadist Movement that the real threat, and until they see the truth they will continue to weaken their own freedoms, while strengthening this new tide of global fascism.

Dick Cheney: RAW

WARNING: The following piece contains adult themes and language. But sorry, no porn you sickos.

I've been doing some thinking about the recent vice-presidential debate between Dick "Tricky Ticker" Cheney and John "Ain't I the Prettiest Ambulance Chaser" Edwards. Now the mainstream press has called it a draw and you know what that means. It means Cheney must have won the night.

But it wasn't the knockout blow that would have broken the dead-heat in the polls that the press seem to collect every hour, on the hour. I think Cheney made a tactical error by being so polite during the debate, he should have played with his strenght his raw scrappy style.

In other words, he should have played blue.

He should have used language that would make Richard Pryor blush. That would have won over the undecided yahoos that drift out there like so much flotsam in the septic tank.

First move, he should look Edwards right in the eye and say: "I shit bigger than you pretty boy."

And then he should have moved on to other tactics...


EDWARDS: My daddy learned math from watching Sesame Street...

CHENEY: He should have taught you some, and then you'd know that $120 billion doesn't add up to $200 billion. Pull your head out of your ass pretty boy, it's mussing your hair.


EDWARDS: You've alienated our allies.

CHENEY: When were those cheese eating, wine-sucking, truffle molesting, fascist fellating Frenchmen ever an ally? They'd have never supported getting Saddam out of Iraq, hell, they didn't even support getting Hitler out France. I'd call you retarded, but then I'd be insulting the retarded!


EDWARDS: You've ruined the economy.

CHENEY: Sure, things were better during the Clinton years. Back in the 90's you had Enron, Worldcom and the Dot Coms running wild. That's a hell of an economic foundation. Unemployment's at 5.4%, that's less than half the unemployment rate of France, and we're at war. During conception the sperm that carried your brains must have dribbled down the crack of your momma's ass and ended up a stain on the mattress. Read something other than John Grisham and you might learn something.


EDWARDS: Halliburton!

CHENEY: Go fuck yourself.

That would be the cue for Condoleeza Rice to run onstage and have a "wardrobe malfunction."

Now that would be a real debate.



There are just some things that make me wonder what planet the Kerry/Edwards campaign is from. They regularly make statements that seem to come from some distant alien star, or alternate Bizarro style universe. Things like this...

  • "There is no link between Saddam Hussein & Terrorism." Sure, Saddam merely sheltered and protected numerous Al-Quaida operatives, and then shelled out $20,000 bounties to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, with cash bonuses if their attacks were extra bloody. I guess John Kerry doesn't consider it terrorism if you're killing Israelis.
  • "The UN sanctions on Saddam's regime were working." Sure, if the point of the sanctions was to make a bunch of UN bureacrats, foreign dignitaries, and politically connected French businessmen very rich, then it was a resounding success. But on Earth, where the point of the sanctions was to weaken and eventually destroy a corrupt and evil regime, then it was a complete failure.
  • "The Bush administration has alienated our allies." Here's a little fact a smart pack like you should know. FRANCE, GERMANY, AND RUSSIA WERE NEVER ALLIES OF THE USA. Each nation has on multiple occassions tried to weaken or destroy the USA, and they were all making too much money off Saddam and his cronies to ever want him to leave, not matter how many mass graves he filled.
  • "The UN is an effective tool for promoting human rights." Maybe on Bizarro world, but here on Earth, men like President Mugabe of Zimbabwe can starve and slaughter his nation's people, and get a standing ovation at the United Nations, while the USA is roundly condemned because it has the death penalty for convicted murderers. The UN Human Rights Commission which regularly puts out these condemnations has members like Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan. They only seem to think the death penalty is appropriate for journalists, political dissidents, and disobedient women. And if you want to know just how effective the UN is at protecting people, visit Rwanda, visit Darfur in the Sudan. Then you'll see how effective the United Nations really is. It's become a club where dictators can claim moral superiority over western democracies, now that's something that belongs on Bizarro world.


The X-Prize: One Small Step for Man... In the Right Direction

Today, Bert Rhutan and his Scaled Composites team, backed by billionaires Paul Allen and Richard Branson won the $10 Million Ansari X-Prize for developing a privately constructed rocket that can take passengers back and forth into space.

That's a good start.

But it's just a start.

The next step should be a $10 Million dollar or more prize for the uber-geek who successfully develops an alternate means of propulsion. Rockets are too unstable, and too wasteful of energy to be of any practical use in long term exploration of space.

We need to find another way.

I've been doing a little digging and I've seen some promising research in the field of Anti-Gravity Lifters. These are devices that use magnetic fields and electrical currents to apparently defy gravity. The demonstrations are pretty convincing, but so far the intrepid amateur researchers have only been able to lift simple balsa wood and foil contraptions, and are sadly ghettoized by mainstream scientists as 'fringe nutcases' and not real scientists.

Well, I'd like to see some real research done on this. If it's real then find out how it works, if it's a fraud, then prove it and bury it once and for all. It's time to dump the dogma that is holding science back, so we can claim our destiny and our dream to reach beyond the stars.