A Presciption for the Media.


Seriously, you sound like one of those whackos who lives in a ramshackle hovel in woods writing a 5,000 page manifesto on how all evil in the world is the fault of a conspiracy between the Freemasons, the Jesuits, and the League of Women Voters.

This week Usama Bin Ladin put out a new video to show people that he's still alive, and hopefully steal some spotlight from his disciple turned rival in carnage Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

The video basically showed that Usama spouting the same pseudo-facts you'd find in Michael Moore films and John Kerry/MoveOn advertisements. In fact, it was almost word for word with them. Eerie!

Gab Show institution Larry King decided to interview grey eminence of CBS (pass the memo) News Walter Cronkite about the tape.

Did Cronkite have anything intelligent to say?

Sadly no.

Poor old Walter Cronkite, the man who declared the Tet Offensive a defeat, even though the Viet Cong had been almost completely wiped out, could only say that he suspected that Karl Rove somehow made Usama make the tape in some ploy to help Bush with the election.

All right...

Boy that Karl Rove must have almost supernatural powers. He must be able to magically find Usama and somehow compell the Saudi Psychopath to read a script from the next MoveOn ad campaign in some convoluted plot to 'steal the presidency.'

Wouldn't it be smarter if Rove used his incredible superpowers to find Bin Ladin, have Bush kill Usama with his bare hands on live TV and then deliver his head to American people.

Now that would have been a whopper of an October Surprise.

Sadly, the left and their media minions have slipped into a realm of paranoia that defies description.

It's time to take your meds Walter, and return from Planet Soros.

Talk among yourselves.

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