Who's being Divisive Now?

It's amazing how the Democrats, the Political Left and their media cronies have been so quick to label Prez Dubya the 'D' word: DIVISIVE.

Let's look at recent history. While Governor of Texas Dubya had a rep for being a negotiator, and a consensus builder. In fact many in the Republican Party opposed Bush's run for the nomination on the grounds that he was 'too chummy' with Texas Democrats.

Then 9/11 came. Bush followed his instincts and struck back at those who attacked America and their state-sponsors. Then all of sudden he became divisive. Apparently it was unifying to attack Afghanistan, but it was evil and illegal to attack Saddam Hussein's regime.

The Kerry/Edwards/Soros (KES) campaign claims that Bush entered Iraq with no allies. That's a lie. There's a larger and more multinational force in Iraq, than in the UN sponsored Korean Conflict. And whenever the piddling little fact that America actually does have allies, the KES Axis decries them as being 'the bribed and the coerced' because they didn't include France, Germany and Russia.

Isn't that an attempt to forge a division between the USA, Poland, Britain, Australia and the others?

I think that's being divisive.

And let's look at race. Dubya's record as Texas Governor was one of the better ones for promoting equality and race relations. Yet in 2000, then candidate Al Gore declared to the NAACP that electing Bush would be 'a return to segregation.' Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the Democrats who invented and maintained segregation for almost a hundred years after Republicans took the right to own slaves away from Al Gore's ancestors.

And late in 2000, during the Palm Beach 'hanging chad' debacle, the Gore camp realised they were losing and started rumours of 'voter suppression.' Suddenly lily white Palm Beach, Florida became a center of oppressed African Americans. The rumours still persist, despite the lack of evidence, because the Democrats and their friends in the media keep it alive. It's even a key part of the strategy if Bush wins by a narrow margin this year. Apparently a DNC manual was leaked ordering their soldiers to scream 'voter suppression' and 'racism' even if there's no evidence to prove it.

I think that's being divisive.

It's almost as if the Democrats heard of Bush's consensus work in Texas and screamed 'Get thee behind me Satan, thou shalt not tempt me with your charms, logical arguments, and mangled phraseology.'

It's sad, because it turned what briefly used to be a party of unity, back to its roots as the party of machine politics, slander, dirty tricks, racism, and deceit.

For shame.

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