There are just some things that make me wonder what planet the Kerry/Edwards campaign is from. They regularly make statements that seem to come from some distant alien star, or alternate Bizarro style universe. Things like this...

  • "There is no link between Saddam Hussein & Terrorism." Sure, Saddam merely sheltered and protected numerous Al-Quaida operatives, and then shelled out $20,000 bounties to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, with cash bonuses if their attacks were extra bloody. I guess John Kerry doesn't consider it terrorism if you're killing Israelis.
  • "The UN sanctions on Saddam's regime were working." Sure, if the point of the sanctions was to make a bunch of UN bureacrats, foreign dignitaries, and politically connected French businessmen very rich, then it was a resounding success. But on Earth, where the point of the sanctions was to weaken and eventually destroy a corrupt and evil regime, then it was a complete failure.
  • "The Bush administration has alienated our allies." Here's a little fact a smart pack like you should know. FRANCE, GERMANY, AND RUSSIA WERE NEVER ALLIES OF THE USA. Each nation has on multiple occassions tried to weaken or destroy the USA, and they were all making too much money off Saddam and his cronies to ever want him to leave, not matter how many mass graves he filled.
  • "The UN is an effective tool for promoting human rights." Maybe on Bizarro world, but here on Earth, men like President Mugabe of Zimbabwe can starve and slaughter his nation's people, and get a standing ovation at the United Nations, while the USA is roundly condemned because it has the death penalty for convicted murderers. The UN Human Rights Commission which regularly puts out these condemnations has members like Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan. They only seem to think the death penalty is appropriate for journalists, political dissidents, and disobedient women. And if you want to know just how effective the UN is at protecting people, visit Rwanda, visit Darfur in the Sudan. Then you'll see how effective the United Nations really is. It's become a club where dictators can claim moral superiority over western democracies, now that's something that belongs on Bizarro world.

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