IN MEMORIAM: The Validity of the Political Left

I used to think of myself as a pretty liberal guy, I believe in universal public health care, equality of the races and genders, gay marriage, and separation of church and state, but lately I've been finding myself lumped in with the Political Right.

It's not my fault, I like to think of myself as progressive, it's just that definition of progressive has changed. It used to mean that you're always looking for ways to improve society and the people in it through education and positive social action. Now, to be progressive you must be a blind supporter of any crackpot fascist fanatic as long as they're opposed to a Republican President.

That's just nuts.

Attend any anti-Bush protest and you'll see upper middle class kids borrowing their parent's Lexus SUVs so they can wave signs in support of people who would gladly cut their throats and dance in the arterial spray.

Why are people protesting in support of those who would gladly kill them and/or strip them of their precious human rights?

The answer is simple.

In the minds of the Political Left's Pseudo Intellectual Commissars all the world's problems are somehow the fault of the USA and the Republican Party. As long as you hate a Republican President you can do no wrong, you walk with the angels, and your feces are an olfactory delight.

Sadly this point of view has infected the mainstream American media. Examples of this obsessive anti-Republicanism can be found not only in the CBS Rathergate scandal, but in a recently released memo by ABC News honcho Mark Halperin, which basically declared that it's okay for John Kerry to lie, distort, and cheat, but to come down on any misinformation or misstatements from Bush like a ton of bricks.

That explains the media's willful ignorance of stories from John Kerry's past like his Christmas in Cambodia, his meeting with the Viet Cong in Paris in violation of the Logan Act, his voting record in the Senate, his involvement in the slanderous Winter Soldier Project, as well as his biggest donors billionaire George Soros, and movie producer Steve Bing who both have given over $16,000,000.00 each to the DNC and its surrogates like MoveOn.

Dubya chokes on a pretzel and it's held up as some disqualification for the Presidency, John Kerry has a shrine built to him in Vietnam's War Museum as an "Ally of the Viet Cong," and there's no scrutiny or reporting at all.

The Left, through its dominance of the media has pretty much destroyed rational political debate, burying it under a wave of half-truths, outright lies, and insulting and slanderous rhetoric. A good example is Abu Al-Zarquawi, the chief Al-Quaida goon in Iraq. His movement is called an 'insurgency' implying that it has widespread popular support, when in fact we're discovering that the bulk of his fighters are foreigners with no connection to Iraq whatsoever. They also refer to him being 'imprisoned by the Jordanian government' as a youth when they discuss his background. This implies that Al-Zarquawi was locked up for political dissent, a not uncommon occurence in the Middle East. Well, that's not true. For some reason the mainstream press doesn't think it's relevant to reveal that Al-Zarquawi wasn't locked up for his politics or religion, he was locked up because he was convicted of rape.

Now that's the sort of guy the left wants running Iraq.

The Left also beatifies Muqtada Al-Sadr, a self-proclaimed cleric whose army of goons is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Iraqis. Al-Sadr's dream is to create a state where homosexuals are executed for the crime of their existence, women are enslaved, and democracy and the rule of law is subsumed to the whim of a psycopathic theocracy.

And the Left calls Bush evil for being religious.

You can call Bush evil when he stuffs a church full of dead women and children in the hopes of embarassing his political opponents. Something Al-Sadr did that the mainstream press chooses to ignore, apparently because it can't be blamed on Bush.

The Left has to pick their battles more carefully if they're going to survive.

Their enemy isn't Bush and the Republicans, it's Osama Bin-Ladin's Jihadist Movement that the real threat, and until they see the truth they will continue to weaken their own freedoms, while strengthening this new tide of global fascism.

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