Simple Simon Met A PieMan...

...and then he and his buddy tossed their dessert at Republican Fembot Anne Coulter in a vain attempt to keep her from making a speech at the University of Arizona.

Now that's a bright way to make your case.

Not only do you look like two dinguses (or is that dingi?) you were faked out by her superhuman cyborg reflexes and you only grazed your target with a little creamy shrapnel.

Not only are you idiots, you're really, really bad at it too.

Now the accused, Phillip Edgar Smith & William Zachary Wolff (AKA 'Al-Pieda'), are now facing felony and misdemeanor charges for their little stunt. They claim that they were justified in their tomfoolery because they were 'throwing pies at her ideas and not her.'

So that's your excuse for you crappy aim.

The incident also illustrates a big problem the political left has: It's run out ideas, so they try to demean those that don't agree with them with silly, and childish stunts.

Remember the Republican National Convention. The protestors didn't have anything constructive to say, or alternatives to present, so the compared Bush to Hitler and held such mentally stimulating events like mass panty flashings, petty vandalism, and childish mugging for the unblinking eyes of the media.

Universities, once hotbeds of new ideas, have become the rotting carcass of 60s idealism that's covered with the creeping maggots of a new fascism. Speeches of conservative speakers are regularly attacked by students and professors, who then bury any intellectual discourse with screams and shouts, book burnings of 'politically incorrect' material occur regularly, and openly racist groups are allowed to meet on campus, as long as they profess to be against America and it's ideals.

And when the maggots of fascism are challenged do you know what they do?

They scream and yell, and throw pies, and flash their panties in desperation.

If that's the best you can do, then maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself and the 'ideals' that you claim to profess.

That's enough ranting for now...

Talk among yourselves.

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