Where the hell are those bombs?

Or to be more exact: When did those bombs disappear in the first place?

The completely objective braintrust at CBS News and the New York Times want you to believe that those 300-600 tons of explosives disappeared just the other day while George Bush aka Private Gomer Pyle, Texas Air National Guard watched.

And by coincidence, that's what the Kerry/Edwards/Soros Campaign wants you to believe too.

Well, well it turns out that they're LYING!

Ain't that a surprise.

The explosives went missing from the ammo dump in question while Saddam was still in power and Dubya was being dicked around by the UN over the then proposed invasion. A fact that was revealed in APRIL 2003, by an embedded NBC Camera crew who taped the arrival of the Yankee soldiers to the empty ammo dump.

Only now do the Democrats and their toadies at CBS and NYT see it, and then they try to blame it on Bush. And he's as responsible for those missing bombs as he is for the Great Chicago Fire.

Is this the Democrats lame-ass attempt at an October Surprise?

Hell, if this is the best they can dish out, then they don't deserve to be in power.

Maybe on election eve they're going to blame Bush for the Great Chicago Fire?

Talk among yourselves...

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