Well, Well, Mr. Stewart. Aren't you all that and a bag of chips?

I'm all for bias in political satire. But there's a simple rule that any satirist must follow.


Lately the press has been practically fellating comedian/tv host John Stewart for his role as official court jester for the 2004 election, and it seems that it's completely gone to his head.

During an appearance on CNN's CROSSFIRE he completely wigged, attacking conservative co-host Tucker Carlson, calling him a 'dick' and he and liberal co-host Paul Begala 'partisan hacks.' For the complete transcript click here.

Apparently any show that doesn't completely kiss John Kerry's ass is considered 'harmful to America' by Mr. Stewart.

Well, John, can I call you John, I guess you think your shit don't stink either. Don't forget that THE DAILY SHOW isn't a one man band, and that your particular group would be nothing without the others, especially writer/performer Stephen Colbert.

You forgot the first rule of being a political satirist, providing no real laughs during your appearance. If you want to take a shot at Bush, or even Carlson, then make it a funny one, don't plunge to name calling, and loud declarations that political debate is somehow harmful.

Jeez. Is that the Kerry/Edwards/Soros vision of the future. One where there is only party and only point of view allowed on TV.

That's scarier than the Patriot Act.

When a person like Stewart appears on a show like CROSSFIRE he's supposed to make a few political jokes, plug his book and then make a couple of more jokes. He's not supposed to go on declare himself the king of civilised political discourse and then rudely insult anyone who calls him on it.

And apparently, as word of his televised meltdown spread rating for the DAILY SHOW have dropped. 7% so far, and that's a lot in the paper thin ratings margins of the cable tv universe.

Kerry better get elected for Stewart's sake. Then Kerry can have the FCC yank the broadcast licenses of any channels that don't play along with the party line, and he'll be the only comedian left.

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