The Guardian Goes off the Deep End...

Faced with the failure of OPERATION CLARK COUNTY, where they tried to meddle in the American election, the UK lefty rag THE GUARDIAN's TV critic Charlie Brooker called for President Bush's assassination.

Now this call for political murder no doubt warmed the hearts of Jihadis the world over, but it didn't please many of The Guardian's readers.

Response to this glowing endorsement of terrorism committed by cryptofascist angry loners has been less than glowing. So The Guardian retreated, pulling the article from their website and offering a half-hearted apology found here.

Now I'm not shocked by words of Charlie Brooker, the left is desperate for new ideas and is still convinced that a glorious dictatorship of the proletariat is just one more left turn around the corner, but what really gets me is the total lack of reaction from the American Press.

I have yet to see one report on American TV about the controversy. Apparently having a foreign newspaper call for the assassination of the American President isn't really news, especially when that newspaper is the Democrat Party's biggest booster in the UK.

Of course if a right wing newspaper called for the murder of a Democratic politician, well, that would be the end of the world, and earn 24/7 coverage on every channel until that so-called journalist was imprisoned, or at least cast out into the wilderness to never write again.

But what can you expect from the people who brought us Memogate I & II among other atrocious crimes against reality.

Congratulations Comrade Brooker, you succeeded in making the Republicans look way better than ever.

Thank you.

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