Do you feel a draft?

As I write this piece I'm listening to a Canadian radio report about Democrats spreading rumours that if re-elected George W. Bush would reinstate the military draft. They even had actor/loudmouth/political ignoramus John Cusack ranting and raving about how the evil Republicans are going to enslave the population into the military so they can start a never-ending series of wars for no reason other than they're evil.

One word can sum up that little theory...


If old Dubya was to suddenly go off his nut and reinstate the draft two things would happen.

  1. Even a Republican dominated congress would refuse to pass a bill reinstating the draft.
  2. And even if Dubya subverted the constitution to do it, the US Military would refuse to accept the draftees.


  1. Any Rep or Senator who puts forward or votes for a draft bill would suddenly realise that he/she is in their last term in office. They'd be voted out at the first election, if not impeached sooner.
  2. The American Military doesn't want ignorant draftees being dumped on them by the thousands. The modern 21st Century military doesn't want cannon fodder to hurl into enemy fire like some Napoleonic Field Marshal. The modern military wants people who are ready and, more importantly, willing to learn the skills a 21st Century warrior needs.

That's not to say that there hasn't been an attempt to pass a bill reinstating the draft. It was voted down unanimously, and do you know who proposed it?


Yep, good old Dem stalwart Charley Rangel of New York proposed a bill reinstating the draft, and even he voted against it. The purpose of this little excercise was to full rumours of comeback of the draft to be spread by Kerry/Soros surrogates.

It's shameful fear-mongering on the part of the Democrats who have shown such a craven and opportunistic lust for power that only makes me want Dubya to win even more. I may not like him or some of his policies, but he's proving himself better than the Democrats everytime they open their mouths.

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