Yassar Arafat: Master of the Self-Fulfilling Idiocy.

Yassar Arafat the self proclaimed 'Father of the Palestinian Nation' is ill, and rumor has it that he might not survive the night, let alone the week.
Excuse me, I have to daub a tear.
Okay, I'm not exactly broken up about this. It's not like Yassar Arafat is like a Gandhi, or a Dalai Lama. In fact, he's the exact opposite. He's a corrupt and evil opportunist that has done nothing but bring misery to his people and prolonged a conflict that killed hundreds of Israelis and thousands of his fellow Palestinians, and all the while making himself a billionaire with a younger wife who lives in Paris like a queen.
Even when his health started to fail, he clung to power with an iron grip, brutally oppressing internal dissent and stepping up the anti-Israeli hatred. Not because the destruction of Israel is something he actually wants.
Hell no.
Arafat needs Israel.
If he loses Israel and his professional nemesis Sharon, then the Palestinian people might start looking at him and all the terrible things he's done to them.
He's cheated them, robbed them, and sent thousands to their pointless deaths. He's blocked every attempt at peace, because if peace comes, then he's in deep dog shit. But if he can keep the level of outrage high, then he's safe.
And if he loses Israel he also loses the lucrative scams he's been running. My personal fave, in an ironic way, was where he steals concrete tagged for Palestinian housing, and then sells it to Israel so they can use it to build the 'Security Wall' that is fueling so much Palestinian outrage.
If Arafat survives this latest health scare, and don't count him out, he has the tenacity of a roach, I think the Palestinian people should follow a new plan for peace.
Ignore him.
Just treat him for what he is. A cranky, miserly, mean-spirited little old man with delusions of grandeur and sticky fingers that are normally stuck in other people's wallets. Wall off his compound in Ramallah and then put up signs on the borderline with Israel that read: Now Entering Palestine / Please Ignore the Crazy Old Man, He Doesn't Know Any Better.
That will be the first step to a better life for all Palestinians.

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