Gay Marriage: How the Right Screwed The Pooch On This Issue.

In the Interest of fairness, even though I'm not a remotely fair person, I've decided to not rag on the political left in this post and turn my attention to a blunder by the political right.

There's been a lot in the news about the issue of gay marriage in America. Some states have legalised it, only to have it tossed out by voters or the courts. Other states have tried to ban it, only to have that thrown out by voters or the courts. One constant is the Bush Administration's (minus Dick Cheney) opposition to gay marriage.

I think the President and the religious leaders have handled this whole issue wrong.


That's right. Preachers should look down from their pulpits and declare that homosexuals need to get married, settle down and start adopting and raising good Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Hindu children. The President should put a big billboard of himself overlooking Castro Street in San Francisco with the slogan: "You better put a ring on that finger."

Think of what it could do for the economy. Recent surveys show gay and lesbian couples have a lot of disposable income, so let's get them spending it on flowers, catering, tuxedos/gowns, reception hall rentals, and most importantly, fees for clergymen.

Oh sure, there are those who think homosexuality's 'sinful' but aren't Christians in particular taught to love and forgive sinners, because we're all sinners when you boil it down. So what's the best way to show that you love them? Get them to throw a kick-ass wedding with the church's blessing!


Damn it.

I always cry at weddings....

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