If You Don't Like It, Ban It.

Once again the politic left in America has brought the art of hypocrisy to a whole new level. After 3 years of griping and whining aobut how the evil Patriot Act is going to destroy our civil liberties, they launch a wave of attacks aiming to shut down that pesky right-wing abomination: Freedom of Speech.

First they threaten legal action against bookstores for carrying John O'Neil's UNFIT TO COMMAND, a very critical look at John Kerry's four months in Vietnam and his period as mouthpiece for the North Vietnamese Communist Party. Now they are trying to punish Sinclair Broadcasting for the unmitigated gall of airing a documentary that is critical of John Forbes Kerry called STOLEN HONOR.

Apparently the film takes a very harsh look at Kerry's career as an anti-war activist, and especially how his now discredited congressional testimony and involvement in the Winter Soldier project was used to justify the brutal torture and mistreatment of Americans held prisoner by the North Vietnamese. The crux of the argument was that their North Vietnamese captors justified their disregard of the Geneva Convention because John Kerry testified that all American soldiers, at every level, were guilty of murder, rape, looting and pillaging.

The Democratic party is now seeking the election commission to fine Sinclair Broadcasting, and the FCC to otherwise punish them for daring to claim that John Forbes Kerry is anything less than the Second Coming of Jesus.

They have a point.

Decidely partisan political films don't belong on broadcast tv.

They belong in major theatrical releases with multimillion dollar ad budgets, and then repeated viewing on cable specialty channels.

Democratic Party surrogates have flooded the media with anti-Bush/pro-Kerry propaganda ranging from "FAHRENHEIT 9/11," to "GOING UPRIVER: THE LONG WAR OF JOHN KERRY," to "BUSH'S BRAIN." Robert Redford's Sundance Channel has dedicated over 81 hours of its air-time over the next month to slandering the President.

Now I don't see Bush and the Republicans pushing to ban the Sundance Channel, even though it is violating campaign finance and advertising laws.

That would be violating their right to free speech.

But if you try to criticize a Democrat, then you're in big trouble and your right to free speech doesn't count anymore.

Say what you want about Bush, but don't diss the Democrats.

It just might get you locked up.

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