The Guardian: Meddle and Mental...

It's official kiddies.

The owners, editors, and staff of UK newspaper THE GUARDIAN are off their nut.

First, the lefty rag shifts from its normal 'America is Evil' stance to actual meddling in the USA election. It was called OPERATION CLARK COUNTY, and its mission was to flood ordinary citizens of Clark County, Ohio with e-mails urging them to vote for the Kerry/Edwards/Soros Axis and oust President Dubya.

Apparently the eminent publication believes that all Americans need to see the error of their ways is having a pack of chain smoking, lager swilling, Saddam hugging, dentist avoiding, 70s left-back, fact avoiding, pseudo-intellectual tabloid hacks flood their inboxes with spam calling them idiots for not liking The Guardian's pet candidate.

Well, whose the idiot now?

Apparently The Guardian had to end Operation Clark County because an overwhelming number of responses said that their attempt at vote meddling had convinced them to vote for Bush.

You gotta love the American people.

They're not going to be bullied by a pack of Limey Spammers. In fact they'd take such an attempt as an insult to their national honour and their democracy and would pledge themselves to doing whatever it will take to piss the meddlers off.

Way to go American Voters of Clark County Ohio. I salute you!

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