Well Jerk MY Knee 2: The Thing That Ate Hollywood

I read something very interesting this morning. It was an Associated Press article about actor/activist & Republican convert Ron Silver and how Hollywood's reacted to his dumping of the knee-jerk 'America is evil even though it's made me rich' attitude most common in LaLaLand. Basically the article said that work has been slim for him since his conversion, consisting of one guest spot on LAW & ORDER as guess what, a knee jerk leftist lawyer opposing the war.

But that wasn't what really caught my eye.

What really caught my eye was the name Margery Tabankin.

Who is Margery Tabankin?

Apparently she makes her living by telling rich Hollywood celebs where to donate their money. Specifically, which political parties and special interest 527 groups should be the benificiaries of their largesse.

I knew it.

They average Hollywood star literally can't wipe their own ass without a script to follow (big words spelled phonetically) and a director to tell them how to hold the Cottonelle correctly.

Does night clubbing, fashion show attending, award getting, and press junket attendance take up so much time and mental effort that they can't spare the half-hour a day to read a newspaper, watch the news, or do any kind of research into the future of a nation that made them rich, famous, and the object of adorations for millions of sheep like fans?

I guess it does, and that's why they hire people like Tabankin to do the thinking for them.

But with all their money, fame, and undue influence over the great unwashed, don't you think they should at least do a little bipartisan research before leaping on the bandwagon?

Then again, if celebrities only did sane and responsible things, then they wouldn't be famous in the first place.

That's enough for tonight.

Talk among yourselves.

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