A Look In My Crystal Ball.

"I will fight Al Qaida like I fought the Viet Cong!"
That, more or less, was what John Forbes Kerry said in one of his more recent drone fests. All part of his desire to appear tough and decisive in the fields of foreign policy.

Well let's look into our crystal balls and see how that translates to today's situation.
First, he'll fight Al Qaida for four months, specifically sending troops on a secret & illegal Christmas Eve mission to Pakistan before he's even sworn in.

Then after four months, he'll scream he's got a few boo-boos, pulls American troops out or Iraq and Afghanistan and leaves the Presidency. (I know I sound petty, but the whole issue has become petty.)

He'll then go to Paris, where he'll secretly meet representatives of Al Qaida to discuss with them the terms of our surrender.
Then he'll come home, start a groupt called "Ex-President's Against War" with Jimmy Carter, throw his old Presidential veto stamp over the fence of the White House, and demand that all personnel of the US military be branded as War Criminals because Al Qaida told him they were.

Iraq will become an Islamist state, so will Spain and France plunging the European Union into civil war. The Taliban will regain control of Afghanistan. Usama Bin Ladin will dance a victory jig in Kabul, and promptly shoot himself for the sin of dancing.

Israel will say: "To hell with this" and start tossing out nukes like Halloween candy, leaving a large chunk of the Earth scorched and irradiated.

Kerry will retire to an estate in Idaho next door to political guru/profiteer George Soros, and head a campaign called "Americans for Sharia Law and Esperanto" that pledges to 'help America stop offending the Muslim world through total surrender.'

So that's how he'll do it.

Suddenly I feel a chill down my spine.

~Vox Poplar

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