The Democratic Party & The MSM: Not just biased, but bigoted too.

Condoleeza Rice will move from the post of National Security Adviser to Secretary of State once the confirmation is complete in the new term. I had her pegged for Defense, but hey, I'm just an opinionated yahoo, I'm not one of Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends.

Naturally Democratic Party functionaries and left leaning hacks of the MSM are jumping on her. And since they can't attack her work, or her mind, both are pretty substantial, they resort to using ugly ethnic stereotypes in a vain attempt to demean her. Editorial cartoonists are dressing her up like Butterfly McQueen and Garry 'Doonesbury' Trudeau has taken to calling her 'Brown Sugar.' (Trudeau's faux-pas might be a symptom of some deeply buried attraction to the comely Ms. Rice. It can't be an attempt at comedy, because Doonesbury has never been funny.)

Now if a Republican MSM outlet, there are so many, used sexist and racist language to demean a high ranking African-American cabinet member of the Clinton administration the MSM would be demanding heads on platters. Then again they were no high ranking African American cabinet members in the Clinton Administration. In fact it's the party of Lincoln that has put the future of American diplomacy in the hands of not one, but two back to back African Americans. Both are self-made people who rose to the tops of their chosen professions through diligence, hard work, and their considerable intellects.

I support Condeleeza Rice as Secretary of State. She already has the respect of many world leaders, she's tough, and has more sheer balls than anyone. She recognizes the weakness of the UN, the treachery of the French, and the ignorance that most of the free world has about the threat it faces. On real issues, she's a hard act to attack. So the Democrats dig up old and disgusting racist attacks, because deep down she scares them.

She has the potential to be the first African American and Female President of the USA, and she's a Republican. She makes all their candidates look like worn out old hacks with worn out old ideas.

Apparently Democrats are allowed to do anything racist and sexist as long as its African American targets are Republican. Gee, the last time this happened was when Southern Democratic bosses took over the Klu Klux Klan to use violence and terror to prevent African Americans from voting Republican.

The more things change the more things stay the same.

Except now they use fear mongering, racism, and slander.

I guess there are still a few white hoods in the closet at DNC headquarters.

Why doesn't the MSM report on that?

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