Why Kerry Lost, or The Militant Middle Triumphant!

The MSM (MainStream Media) is busy wringing their hands over the reelection of George W. Bush and the defeat of their chosen golden boy and George Soros's political valet John Forbes Kerry. Some of the more Liberal folks I know are contemplating fleeing to Canada and one predicted 'civil war in 2005.' A notion that made me laugh. Because if there's going to be a civil war then a dyed in the wool Democrat is in a truckload of sh*t because the Republicans have all the guns. So I asked him, what are you going to fight them with good intentions and hardcover copies of Noam Chomsky's latest screed?

The MSM and their Democratic bosses are also theorizing about why their candidate lost. And, logically, they're basing those theories on the same useless exit polls that predicted a Kerry landlside. But using this data the MSM are claiming that there's a rising Christian Right movement that will take over America via Dubya and make it into a theocracy that resembles the one in Usama Bin Ladin's darkest and dampest dreams.

Let me tell you something folks, they are all wrong.

And I should know, because I'm always right about everything.

It's got nothing to with the Christian Right and it's got everything to do with what I call the MILITANT MIDDLE. Average folks and political centrists who dont agree with everything Dubya's done since 2000, but prefer it to the wishy-washy terrorist coddling morally ambiguous (or is that nuanced) style of the Democrats.

The Militant Middle likes America and likes the fact that no matter how bad things seem to get, they always end up getting better in the end (the only country that can honestly make such a claim). They like their way of life and the freedom that only America guarantees.

What they don't like are psychotic yahoos crashing planes into office buildings or blowing up school children in order to fulfill some adolescent masturbation fantasy of paradise with 72 virgins. (Word to the terrorists, that's not as great as it sounds, I went to high school with 300 virgins and I didn't get lick of action.)

They also don't like people who bad mouth their country, its freedoms, and the men and women who risk their lives daily to insure those freedoms. They don't like people who call baby-bombing bastards 'insurgents' or in the case of Kerry buddy Michael Moore 'freedom fighters' or 'victims of despair.'

What they like is someone who calls someone who does evil things exactly what they are: EVILDOERS. And the Militant Middle like leaders that don't waver, fudge their beliefs, or fabricate facts in the vain hope that such flip-flopping would get them elected.

In wartime the Militant Middle demands consistency, strength, and clarity of purpose. Not vague promises and 'nuanced' and 'sensitive' treatment of those who slaughter the innocent.

It wasn't the Right that won this election. It was the Left that lost it, and it was the Militant Middle who really won.

That's enough for now, talk among yourselves.

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