A Shower of Bastards

Warning: The Following Rant Contains Adult Language...
and the FCC says that adult language is the gateway to drug abuse, alcoholism, and sex with women.
You've been warned.

As I write this it's looking pretty certain that Michael Moore's buddies, his 'minutemen of Iraqi freedom' have shot and murdered international aid worker Margaret Hassan for the grievous crimes of trying to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and tending to the sick and injured.

The latest jihadi snuff video shows a bravely masked 'warrior of God' bravely shooting a bound and gagged woman in the back of the head.

In case you don't get it, I'm being sarcastic.

This act shows the lowest depths of cowardice and treachery that these people will stoop to. Innocence is no protection in their eyes, in fact, they view innocence as a form of weakness. And after they brutally butcher these people, they then release the videos on the web and on sale on streetcorners all over the Islamic world. Not to horrify us, that's just a pleasant side effect to them. Nope, the real reason they film these murders is to attract more drooling psychopaths like them to their cause.

Naturally, the American MSM is giving the late Margaret Hassan the barest minimum of lip service while saving all their outrage over a US Marine shooting an unarmed and wounded insurgent. Well I'm sorry, but I can't weep for a man who probably joined his 'holy cause' after wasting hours of his life masturbating to Al-Zarqawi's previous snuff videos and wanted a taste of the real thing.

The dead insurgent was shot and killed by a soldier who just seconds earlier was under fire and dealing with booby trapped corpses on the streets of Fallujah. The dead insurgent was killed in the heat of battle, people like Margaret Hassan and the others were cold bloodedly murdered, not for any realistic political gain, but for enjoyment of perverts and sadists who hide behind the mask of religion to justify their atrocities.

I think the government of the USA is being too polite when describing these so-called insurgents. Don't call them 'insurgents' or 'resistance fighters' call them what they really are: A pack of dog-fucking cowardly sons of bitches.

Bush should use that line in his next speech on the subject. The next time a defeatist MSM hack asks a question calling the Fallujah operation a failure because Al-Zarqawi fled, then Bush should answer: "Al-Zarqawi ran away, that's what you'd expect from a cowardly dog-fucking son of a bitch. They always run away when faced by real warriors. Bin Ladin's made a career of running and hiding while sending other dumb bastards to die, why should Al-Zarqawi be any different?"

Also mention that this 'religious insurgency' happens to be led by a convicted rapist, something the MSM tends to neglect. Then say that any operation that kills that many terrorists is a success because each dead terrorist means one less terrorist killing Iraqi children, or torturing aide workers for their own jollies.

If the FCC fines you Bush, then pardon yourself, the days of this pussyfooting pseudo-diplomatic language is over. You've got your second term, now hit them like a hammer and don't stop until the last cowardly dog-fucking son of a bitch is dead and buried.

Man am I pissed off!

Talk among yourselves...

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