Some Reflections on a Holiday Past...

Last Sunday was Halloween. That annual celebration of ghouls, goblins, and geeks gones wild.
And with Halloween came the usual crop of Halloween related crap.
First several communities 'moved' Halloween from Sunday to Saturday or banned trick or treating completely because they didn't want 'the devil's holiday' happening on the Lord's Day.
Then there was a protest at an elementary school. Apparently the principal banned the annual Halloween costume party because he feared that it might offend Wiccans. 150+ students showed up in costume as an act of protest.
Good for you kids you know the real reason for Halloween.
It's not about the Devil.
It's not about Wiccans.
It's about CANDY you morons.
It's about DRESSING UP in something silly.
It's about GOING OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS to get candy or make mischief.
It's about FUN.
It's about being a FREAKING KID.
So leave the kids alone, and don't try to pin your adult prejudices and concerns on them. Kids have enough to worry about in this world and Halloween shouldn't be one them.
So here's a message to all those who interfere with Halloween:

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