Call Them What they Really Are!

I've been doing a little reading about how the mainstream or moderate Muslim community is conflicted over its image in the world. They profess it to be a religion of peace and goodwill, yet in Iran a 13 year old boy was whipped to death on the orders of a mullah. His crime, eating before sunset on Ramadan, and in Irag where a Jihadist insurgent put a bullet in the back of a saintly aid worker, her crime, helping the Iraqi people for 30 years and in Holland a 47 year old filmmaker and crank named Theo Van Gogh was shot, had his throat slit, and then had a note impaled to his chest with a knife by a Dutch-Moroccan citizen who didn't like Theo's opinions. And then when an artist friend of Theo's painted a mural in his honour that featured the words: THOU SHALT NOT KILL, the Iman of a nearby mosque demanded that it be removed because he felt it was 'racist.'

It's hard to present yourself as peaceful and tolerant when your 'brothers' are anything but.

So here's a solution.

Don't call these terrorists and the people who support them Muslim, or Islamic anymore.

Call them what they really are.

Sociopathic sadists who profess to worship God, when in fact they worship death and suffering. And you can sum it up in one word:

They are now OSAMISTS.

It's simple, punchy and sums up their philosophy of death and destruction with the man who embodies it. Someone who could have done a lot of good in the world with his wealth and influence, but instead chose to spread evil like cancer.

Osama Bin Ladin, his followers and the people who support them are not your brothers. They are destroying the faith you hold dear for their own grab at power. The Great Satan is real, and he is not the USA, he is already in your house and is consuming the souls of your children.

It's time to cast these human malignancies out of your mosques and your social groups. Stand up to them, declare that their twisted form of death-love is not your way, and then declare that they have forsaken the Prophet for the cause of twisted man who plays games with people's lives for his perverse amusement.

It's the only thing that can save your faith from total oblivion. A faith that will be destroyed not by outside 'infidels' but from inside, by a disease I call Osamism.

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