Four Moore Years

George W. "Dubya" Bush has been reelected and the John F. "Jenghis Khan" Kerry campaign sank like a stone.

And I'll bet you dinars to donuts that Michael Moore couldn't be happier.

Don't run fleeing and screaming that this blogger has gone off his meds. Hear me out.

During the 80's & early 90's it was the Reagan/Bush 1 era, and Michael Moore put out ROGER & ME, the first in his series of pseudo-documentaries. It made money and it got him way more attention than he deserved.

Then came Clinton.

The American Left was in the ascendant. And Moore's career was pretty much in a standstill. Sure he still made films and wrote books, he even had two short lived TV shows. But nobody saw those films, shows, or read those books outside of a few hardcore lefties.

Then came Bush 2.

Then came 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

America had been attacked by a vicious and brutal fascist enemy and Moore was as happy as a hog rolling in his own feces. Especially when America struck back, and struck back hard.

This got the left all hot and bothered, they like it when America is hit, but think it's morally wrong for the good old USA to defend itself. They needed a voice, and were willing to go along with any crackpot conspiracy theory that would justify their "America is evil" mindset.

They delivered him an Oscar for BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, a mostly fictional hodge-podge of slanders and half-truths spun so hard that they generated their own gravity. He used his Oscar speech to deliver the expected Anti-Bush screed and Hollywood's lefty community loved him for it and pledge their undying allegiance to him and total belief in everything he says.

So he made FAHRENHEIT 9/11, an even more fictional 'documentary' about the 9/11 attacks and the war in Iraq. Portraying Saddam's Iraq as some sort of suburban paradise and America as the font of all evil in the world.

And the left declared that it was good and ran to the theatres in droves, seeing the film again, and again, and again, pushing its ticket sales past the $100 million mark.

Sure, he campaigned for Kerry, but he knew that his fan base is small, consisting of leftover baby-boomers who wanted to be hippies but their country club forbid long hair, and those lovable brainwashed liquor and pot fuelled drones that pass for college students these day, and he knew that Kerry couldn't win. That's why he used his innately obnoxious nature to polarize the country more than usual.

Not to create a Bush defeat, but a Bush victory.

He needs Bush to get his fan base riled up, or else he's have to give up his Park Avenue apartment, his summer place in the Hamptons, his tables in all the best restaurants, his invitations to Hollywood's hottest parties, and his private jet.

The self proclaimed champion of the working man needs his luxuries.

As much as he needs Bush.

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