It seems somehow fitting...

Yasser Arafat, arch terrorist, toast of European Anti-Semites, self proclaimed Father of the Palestinian Nation, and enricher of Swiss Bankers was buried today and the whole affair seemed to fit him and his life.
He was planted in an expensive coffin in his Ramallah compound amid much hullabaloo, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.  He was buried the way the way he lived, making a lot of noise, wrapped in something expensive--but ultimately useless to anyone else, and he's still costing the Palestinian people their blood and treasure. 
His grave is surrounded by wrack and ruin which is also fitting because all he ever succeeded in doing was spreading death and destruction to everything he touched.  He was sloppy, corrupt, cruel, selfish, inconsiderate and greedy beyond the dreams of average avarice.  He helped forge the incompently run, corrupt, racist, mysoginistic, and predominantly fascist Middle East governments we know and loathe and that's a legacy I'm sure he's proud of.
Not only was he an evil malignant man, but he was also bad at it.  He achieved none of the goals he professed, preferring to pertpetuate pointless conflicts, obstruct attempts at peace, while looting his people blind.
My message to the Palestinian people is this.  Now that tumour called Arafat is gone.  Take this as an opportunity to forge an identity as peacemakers.  Throw away the bomb belt and pick up the olive branch.  You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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