Is the Democratic Party Racist?

It's beginning to look that way.

First you've got Democrat activists running willy-nilly all over the country and the media claiming that African Americans can't operate simple voting machines or find the correct address of their polling station.

Second you've got Al Gore begging African Americans not to riot if Bush wins, and John Edwards's bride stating that African Americans will run wild in the streets if the Republicans win. What strikes me as interesting that all the violence in this hotly contested election has been perpetrated by upper middle class MoveOn.Org drones who are almost entirely of the CAUCASIAN PERSUASION. But the Democratic party will assume that African Americans will be the cause of any election-related violence.


Then you have the NAACP (an organisation created and funded by Dubya's ancestors) and their chief race baiter Julian Bond making wild claims that another Bush term will mean a return of the Jim Crow Laws. A claim originally made by Al Gore in 2000. That assumes that America's African American voterswill believe that the President, who has a very positive race relations record, will purposely destroy America's democracy and economy and for no other reason that he's "evil." It makes no sense and assumes that African American voters are sheep.

Of course one should look at things that were created by Republicans, and things that were created by Democrats.


  1. The Emancipation Proclamation. Yep, it was good old Republicans that ended that little human atrocity called slavery, and even risked their own lives and economy to see it through in a little thing called THE CIVIL WAR.
  2. The NAACP. Was created by the same Christian Abolitionists that founded the Republican Party.
  3. The Only Viable African American Presidential Candidates. The first African American President will be from the Republican Party. Don't just write that off as Partisan BS. The Democrats run guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, old school race-baiters whose time passed a long time ago. Look at who are in the Republican Party, Colin Powell, one of the most respected men in America, and Condoleeza Rice, one of the biggest brains in government today. They weren't shunted off to some lame window dressing position like HUD, they were given key roles that define the USA's place in the world. White people admire them.


  1. The Klu Klux Klan. Yep, this group was started originally as a protest group targetting carpetbagger politicians by Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forest, who left the organisation when it became the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party. When the Democratic Party took it over, it became the virulent racist group we all know and loathe, and it was given the new task of suppressing black votes through violence and terrorism. Al Gore's from Tennesse, a old Klan stronghold, I wonder if his ancestors were members?
  2. Jim Crow Laws. Sadly a political compromise to resolve a contested election ended the promise of reconstruction, allowing Southern Democrats to form the Jim Crow Laws that kept the American South segregated and backward until the 1960's.

I think African American voters have only one choice this election. A choice to break from the Democrats who use them, abuse them, and take them for granted. It's time to take a stand and tell the Democrats: "Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining!" and to vote for someone who won't take them for granted and brand them with insulting stereotypes.

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