JFK: 41 Years Later & Still Theorizing...

Here's my 2 cents about what happened on Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963.
Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited from the Marine Corps to become a spy in Russia.  Not for the CIA, or the KGB, but for the FBI.  I believe that this was one of J. Edgar Hoover's half-baked attempts to start his own spy agency.  It flopped, Oswald ended up working in a TV factory with no secrets to steal.  So, he was allowed to come home with his Russian wife and settle back in the USA.
He tries to stay useful to Hoover by either joining or starting up various wingnut political groups.  This gets him nowhere, but it does get him noticed.
Meanwhile the Mafia is in a raging hissy fit.  JFK, the President they got elected through vote rigging in Chicago and West Virginia has sicced his brother Bobby on their personal bank the Central States Pension Fund of the Teamsters Union.  JFK & RFK think what they're doing is okay because Hoffa and his associates New Orleans Mob Boss Carlo Marcello backed Nixon.  But it's not okay, not okay at all.
In Texas various oilmen are in a tizzy.  JFK is threatening to eliminate the Oil Depletion Allowance, which is basically a bloated subsidy for the oil industry.  He has to go.
These two factions have one thing in common.  A web of financial connections to a disaffected network of Cuban exiles, disgruntled ex-CIA contractors, and various ex-military types who have no love for Kennedy and gladly join in a conspiracy.
This is where Oswald comes in.  Oswald's to be their patsy, a man with a politically radical past that's shady enough to inspire the FBI to keep anyone from looking into the case too deep, thanks to his failed spy career.
Oswald plays along, thinking that he's a co-conspirator, and passes his info on to Hoover.  Hoover chooses to stay out of it.  He doesn't care for Kennedy either, and commits a sin of omission by letting it go forward.
When the assassination takes place without Hoover's FBI swooping in to save the day, Oswald realises what's happening to him.  He bolts.  Thinking Officer JD Tippet is after him, he shoots him before hiding out in a theatre where he's arrested.
Peripheral mob figure and borderline nutcase Jack Ruby sees an opportunity to be a hero, both to the mob and the general public by popping Oswald in the basement of the police station.
Hoover wins, getting rid of a Pres he didn't like and the living evidence of a failed and illegal spy operation.
That' my theory.  It still makes more sense than Oliver Stone's. 

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