STAPLES & SINCLAIR: Media Matters, But Money Matter Even More

Looks like liberal mouthpiece and watchdog against free-speech Media Matters has made a bit of a blunder.  Earlier they were trumpeting success in their campaign of vengeance against Sinclair Broadcast for their attempt to air the anti-Kerry documentary Stolen Honour.  They claimed in a press release that office supply juggernaut STAPLES had pulled their advertising with the Sinclair Group's stations.
Looks like someone spoke too soon.
Staples, fearing a justified backlash by conservatives and those who like free speech, immediately denied that they were pulling their adds and that Media Matters was 'mistaken' in their statements.
Staples might be run by nutless wonders who might let Media Matters and its backer George Soros bully them, but they're not stupid.  They know that the customer is king, and if the customer turns against you, it doesn't matter how big you are, you're officially and completely screwed.
In a way their weakness was a victory for free speech.

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