"That's an interesting point of view..."

That was the best response comedian/critic's darling Jon Stewart of THE DAILY SHOW could come up with when leftist theologian of the Church of America is Satan Howard Zinn declared that the good old USA was too evil to defend.  It was basically a declaration that Al-Qaida was right and that America and all it stands for should be destroyed.

For those who missed it, or didn't catch Awptimus's well done transcription and commentary, here it is...

Zinn: If people knew, if young people going to school, knew the history of American expansion, first on the continent, and then in the world, and if they knew the history of lies, and the history of massacres that took place along side this expansion, nobody would go to a recruiting station to sign up for any war, nobody.

Stewart: Well, thatÂ’s uh, thatÂ’s an interesting point of view.

Maybe Mr. Stewart was too shocked to formulate a proper response.  I would be shocked too, but I have something Jon Stewart is too shallow to have, I have a sense of outrage.  All Jon Stewart has is smugness and a head swollen from five years of virtual fellatio form TV critics.  So he can't get worked up emotionally about such things as treason being passed as intellectual discourse.

I couldn't possibly let a statement like that pass without making a comment more biting than 'that's an interesting point of view.'  I'd have to ask a few follow up questions. 

Questions like this...

  1. Okay, Mr Zinn.  Could you please name me one country, outside of maybe Tibet, that has never done anything that you would equate as evil?
  2. Mr. Zinn, so you find yourself in complete agreement with the decapitation of people like Margaret Hassan.  What other humanitarian workers would you decapitate to create your perfect evil-free society?
  3. Mr. Zinn, is it cowardice that keeps you here in evil America, where you make large amounts of money selling books, and giving lectures, when you could be in Iraq, striking a blow for liberty by blowing up a hospital, or maybe a church or mosque, or is it greed?
  4. Mr. Zinn, since America, and its values are evil,  does that mean the execution of rape victims by stoning is a good thing, because they'd never allow that in America?
  5. Mr. Zinn, if America is so foul, why are you still here and not in a free worker's paradise like Cuba or North Korea?  Sure, you wouldn't be allowed to speak freely or make money like you are here, but isn't that a small price to pay for freedom?

You see Mr. Stewart here are 5 questions that should have been asked.  Maybe you should have asked them.  I guess that would be considered rude, and you're only rude to people who actually like America.

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