There's Something About Mary (Mapes)

Former 60 MINUTES producer, the charming and fragrant, Mary "Reliable Source" Mapes has lashed back at her former employers for daring to comment on her professionalism.
According to Madam Mapes herself, she's an innocent victim of 'vitriolic scapegoating' on the part of CBS execs looking to cover their own collective buttocks in the face of the complete meltdown of their once revered news division.
Don't those CBS suits know that vitriolic scapegoating is her job?
One that she's done very well for years!
In fact, she's been so good at it, she appeared to have had the entire CBS News department in fear of her considerable wrath. She bullied a mangy dog of story right past senior execs who are supposed to be her bosses, and slapped in on the air in the hopes of unseating a President.
And now that the whole thing has blown up in her face, she's still swinging. Claiming that the documents may be fake, but the story is still real. In a strange bizarro alternate dimension maybe, but not here on planet Earth.
Good for you Mary, keep on fighting, and don't let little things like reality, or ethics get in your way!

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