A True Crime Story...

Okay, here's the story.

A prisoner doing time for parole violation in Utah is taken to a medical appointment outside prison. While on the outside he overpowers the guard, takes the guard's gun, and kills the guard.

Now he's looking at 1st Degree Murder.

He goes on the run, but is quickly caught.

Because he looks like...


Way to blend in with the crowd in Utah you moron.

This is a perfect case for the death penalty, he's too dumb to be allowed to live. He thinks killing a guard and going on the run while looking like a rejected circus freak makes himself a grat criminal mastermind.

I have one word for it... idiocy.


Rogue said...

What? I thought everyone in Utah looks like that!?!?
My mom lives there and she has the exact same tatts.

Bad Apple said...

I understand you are infallible, however, please consider this: Only when you embrace your own inner tattoo-faced escapee on the lamb in Utah will you really have the moral authority to say society should kill dummies like him.