Two Inanities & Something Creepy...

Some Hollywood inanity...
Actress Lindsey Lohan has been the subject of a digital breast reduction by the Disney Imagineers.  Apparently some of the mothers in the test audience thought her enhanced cleavage in a low cut tank-top was a bit much for a G-Rated picture.
I hope the Imagineers can digital implant some talent in the poor girl, because without the jiggle-show, she ain't got much else to offer.  That's just my opinion.
Some Political Inanity...
Amnesty International has put its birkenstock clad foot in it collective mouth with recent comment comparing Gitmo's Detention facility with Stalin's Gulag.
Not only does it shows the organisations knee-jerk anti-Americanism, but it also exposes their incredible ignorance of history. 
My suggestion:  Take Amnesty's board of directors and its top leadership and have them spend a week as guards at Gitmo.  Let's see how many of these dim-do-nothing-gooders will start dispensing ass-whoopings after their first encounter with a handful of hurled feces.
Something Creepy...
I was flipping through the personal ads and laughing in my own sick way at the wailing of the lonely and desperate when I found this ad.  I don't know why, but something about it just puts a chill down my spine.  Read for yourself and tell me what you think.
SWF seeks SWM.  Trim, attractive, mid-30's, blonde, bi, devilish divorcee seeking life partner.  I've been more or less out of the dating scene for about 12 years, but come next month I'm going to be a free woman.  (Not quite as free as I'd like, but I can't complain)  I'm seeking a single man, no criminal record an absolute must, who is looking for his own personal femme-fatale to help him explore his dark side.  Contact KARLA H.
There's just something about it I find disturbing... maybe it's just me.

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