Canadian Election Exclusive

As the Great White North enters the last leg of its most hotly contested election in years the ruling Liberal Party is getting desperate.

Now every Canadian has heard the controversy of the 'soldiers in our streets' ad, but that's not the only one in their repertoire. Here I have the Liberal Party's upcoming attack ads.

Stephen Harper wants to put more police in Canadian cities to combat our skyrocketing crime rate.


Police with guns.

Police with guns on our streets arresting criminals.

Is that the kind of Canada we want.

Choose your Canada

The message brought to you by the Liberal Party of Canada.


We're not saying that Stephen Harper put this adorable kitten into a dryer...

But he might have, we can't watch him 24 hours a day.




Wow, they convinced me.

But it's not all attack ads. The Liberals are also trying to sell the charm and achievements of their leader Paul Martin.


He's not a crook, he's just an idiot.

How can they lose with such a braintrust behind them?

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