Experts Are Idiots

A Vox Poplar Editorial.

Henri Brun a professor of Canadian Constitutional Law a L'Universite Laval in Quebec recently declared that Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean was wrong to express support for Canada's ongoing mission liberating Afghanistan from the brutal terrorism loving, women abusing, Buddha blasting Taliban.

Henri said that it defies "Canadian constitutional tradition" for a Governor General to express support for the Canadian military's mission.

This proves one thing.

Henri Brun's students should get their tuition refunded.

It's obvious that he knows nothing and couldn't possibly teach them how to find their own asses, let alone the Canadian Constitution.

Now I'm no fancy college professor, I've never owned a tweed jacket in my life, but I do know a little bit about Canadian history and the constitution.

*Michaelle Jean, our Governor General is the Commander In Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces. That's not just a title, she's the supreme civilian authority over the Canadian military. Not the Prime Minister, not the Parliament, and definitely not Jack "Numb-Nuts" Layton.

* The Canadian Armed Forces are currently fighting a war, yes, a real honest to Allah war, against an enemy that thinks killing civilian men, women, children, destroying schools, hospitals, religious shrines, and eliminating all basic human rights, are good things that make their god happy.

* Michaelle Jean's expression of support for the military, of which she is Commander in Chief, does not go against the Canadian Constitution. The only thing it goes against is the platform of Jack "Afghanis Don't Deserve Freedom" Layton and Canada's New Democratic Party, which hasn't met a whack-job dictatorship it didn't love.

It's the equivalent of the Earl of Athlone, Canada's Governor General during WW2 declaring that he couldn't publicly support the liberation of Europe, because it might offend Hitler.

That's nuttier and more divorced from reality than Mel Gibson on a Tequila bender.

Professor Henri Brun.

One more argument for the elimination of tenure.

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