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Howdy homies...

Let me just say that everything's coming up Mahmoud!

Yep, that's right. Things are really going my way lately. I got those American infidel swine dog monkey fornicators backing off now that the Democrats are back in power in the House and Senate doing everything they can to make sure America does nothing.

I got everybody in the region and their sister coming
down to my crib to give me the royal ass-kissing. I got big name politicos in the Infidel West talking about making me, of all people, a "partner in peace" in Iraq. I got the American MSM printing whatever Hezbollah, Al Qaida and the Mahdi Army wants them to because it fits their anti-Republican agenda, and I'm getting closer to my dream of atomic genocide every day.

If I believed in Christmas, instead of wanting to kill all who celebrate it, I'd have thought Santa had put me on top of his "Nice" list by some terrible mistake.

Right now the only fly in my falafel is that pesky little snow-covered turd of a country Canada. They actually have the unmitigated brass cojones to put forward a motion in the United Nations condeming IRAN for our human rights record.

What is Canada's major malfunction?

All we do is imprison, torture, and/or execute homosexuals, rape victims, human rights activists, feminists, journalists, and anyone who happens to look at us cock-eyed.

What's wrong with that?

Damn, I'm starting to believe those Canadians think the UN exists for some purpose other than condeming Israel and having their peacekeepers pimp children.

Oh well, can't let that little pissant country ruin what's looking like a glorious time for me and my pal, the coming Mahdi. I'll just have our parliament accuse Canada of spying, execute some dork for being ugly without a permit, have my pals in the UN kill the resolution, and laugh while my new Russian missiles get new nuclear warheads.

Happy days indeed.

Peace OUT!

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