Hey Kids!

This is an exclusive inside look at Amanda Marcotte's new children's show, enjoy.


AMANDA: Hey kids! Do you know what time it is?

KIDS: It's Amanda Panda Time!

AMANDA: That's right kids. Boy, you sure are smarter than those *sshole Christofascist Godbags. Let's all sing our happy song!

It's Amanda Panda Time!
A happy playful time!
No Baptists, Catholics or Jews allowed time!
It's time to hurl some slime!
It's Amanda Panda Time!

AMANDA: Great jobs kids! What a way to f*ck BushCo and their Halliburton Christofascist conspiracy!


AMANDA: Who could that be? Why it's our old friend Peter Panda!

KIDS: Hi Peter!

PANDA: Hi kids! Today we're going to learn about freedom of speech!

AMANDA: Good! Show those Christofascist godbag donkey- ****ers what you think of them!

PANDA: Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. It's the right for every to speak their mind no matter what they have to say.

AMANDA: Damn right.

PANDA: And like all rights, it comes with a certain amount of responsibility.

AMANDA: Yeah! Freedom of speech, whoo-hoo!

PANDA: Chief among those responsibilities is the need to acknowledge that if you say something bigoted and offensive, then people can practice their freedom of speech to criticize you.

AMANDA: WHAT! How dare you come on my show and spout that Christo-fascist Bush-Hitler garbage! I'm the only one with the freedom of speech here you f*cking *ss-sucking panda! GET OFF MY SHOW! EVERYBODY OUT! SHOW'S F*CKING OVER! YEEEEAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!


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