A Thing to Make You Go "Hmmmmmm...."

The Canadian Supreme Court today declared the government's use of 'security certificates' to detain potential terrorists as unconstitutional.

Canada has had these security certificates, in one form or another, for a long time, at least since WW2. They have withstood every challenge to their constitutionality until today.


Well, I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but...

1. Canada is now run by a Conservative Party government after over a decade of rule by the Liberal Party.

2. The members of the Supreme Court were almost all appointed by the long ruling Liberal Party.

3. The Liberals are trying to force an election and run on a platform that the Conservative government are toadies of the evil Bushhitler/Halliburton / Fascist / Zionist conspiracy.

4. Suddenly declaring a long running security program unconstitutional goes a long way to painting the Conservatives that way, especially with a pro-Liberal Party media waiting for something to run with.

I'm just saying... makes one suspicious.


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