Top 10 Super Happy Fun Time

Top Ten Signs the Secret CIA Prisons story was a sting operation:

10. Report on prisons given to Mary McCarthy printed at a Kinko's in Abilene.

9. The report given to McCarthy lists Lex Luthor among the prisoners.

8. No paperwork about the prisons found in Sandy Berger's pants.

7. Richard Clarke believes they are real.

6. No bureaucratic incompetence or financial boondoggle associated with the running of the prisons.

5. Porter Goss kept humming the theme from "The Sting" whenever McCarthy was around.

4. Ambassador Joseph Wilson claims to have been both warden and a prisoner at the secret prison.

3. No buildings in Europe with big "SECRET CIA PRISON" neon signs over them.

2. Not even the CIA would force Al Qaida prisoners to put up with the French.

1. Dana Priest got confirmation for her Pulitzer prize winning story from Patrick McGoohan.

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