Question Period: Cynthia McKinney

It's time for Question Period, a new feature here where I ask famous people to answer simple questions about the events of the day.

First up, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga-Ga):

1) Why don't you wear your ID badge like everyone else?

2) Why didn't you just turn and show your ID to the guard when he first called out to you?

3) If there really is a racist conspiracy among the Capitol Hill police, why are they targeting a minor wingnut like you, and not any of the more prominent African-American members of Congress or their staff members?

4) If there is a racist conspiracy against you, why didn't the officer just shoot you and plant a throw-away gun on you?

5) If the Capitol Hill Police Officer was black, would you still punch him for touching your arm?

6) Do you realise how silly you look to the rest of the world, I mean come on, you have to have some clue about how big an idiot you come across as, nobody capable of dressing themselves could ignore that?

7) Do you honestly expect any member of the Capitol Hill police to take a bullet for you if Jimmy Joe Jihad was to show up with his AK-47?

Drop me a line Ms. McKinney anytime if you feel like answering any of these questions.

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