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Now I've never really talked much about my family before, but I here to tell you now that I have an identical twin brother named Rex.

Well, actually, I had a brother. You see he passed away after a freak accident involving an Glade Airwick Air Freshener, a fork, a nail gun, and an ill tempered badger named Nibbles McGee.

But after combining some black magic and mad science my bro's back and he's hungry for information about what's going on in the world. Yep, information, and brains, but that's another matter. So I'm asking all you folks in the blogosphere to pitch in and see if you can fill him in on what he's been missing since he's been buried. So here's Rex Poplar...


Me Rex...

Me want know... now...

Why John Kerry say McCarthy leak about prisons good, because it was "true," and Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson leak bad? Plame/Wilson leak true... even had permission... Why bad?

Why press like generals and spies who try to subvert government in wartime?

Would the media still like spies and soldiers if Bush Democrat?

Why Rosie O'Donnell going on The View? Rosie not funny... Rosie not smart about news... Rosie annoying...

When did rich, white, Hollywood actor George Clooney become expert on genocide in Darfur?

Clooney know nothing he think CIA actually does stuff...

Me eat brains.

Me go hungry in Hollywood.


Why liberals blame Israel for everything? It only democracy in Middle East. Why it get blamed?

Me hungry.

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