Facts VS Truth

(Source for the Associated Press)

Boy oh boy.

I appear to have some egg on my face over that whole mosque-burning bodies story. Those pesky right-wing blogger just won't leave me alone.

They just keep hounding me, showing that the mosques I said were burnt down and blown up are still standing, and not finding any of the people I said were burned alive with kerosene.

All right, I'll concede that the events I discussed didn't happen.

But if there's one thing we've learned from Michael Moore it's that the event might be fictional but that doesn't mean it's not true.

You see, the Associated Press is interested in a larger truth. A truth, so.... truthy, it goes beyond mere facts.

I see that too, that's why I don't let myself be bogged down with facts and real events and reach for the real truth of the story.

Sure the events in the 61 Associated Press stories that cite me as a source may or may not have actually happened.

But just because they're not facts, doesn't mean they aren't true.

Especially when it could harm the war effort.

That's the real truth myself and my buddies in the media are really seeking.


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