This Plan is Certifiable



My fellow Americans. I'd like to thank Mr. Poplar for letting me place this very special message on his blog. He won't be getting arrested when my new bill becomes law.

Not at first, anyway.

Now there are a few people, right-wing Christian-neo-crypto-fascist types who don't care my proposal to regulate 'grassroots political speech' like blogs.

Look at it from my perspective.

Sure, it's a dramatic repeal of the right to free speech, and it could result in people being sent to prison, but it's all being done for a good cause.

The Democratic Party.

You see, a lot of these blogs are challenging the Mainstream Media, and that's a bad thing because the Mainstream Media is the Democratic Party's friend.

We can't afford having people out there spouting out their ideas and facts and anything else that might damage our chances in 2008.

That's why I'm proposing that all bloggers be registered, and follow strict regulations when it comes to criticizing Democrats Congress or face fines and imprisonment.

There's nothing to worry about here, just the complete elimination of free speech.

But who needs it anyways.

Definitely not Republicans.

So get out there and support my proposal. And you better not be criticizing it just because it's vague, unconstitutional, and criminalizes basic human rights.

Because we're making a list.

And you don't wanna be on that list.

Remember that.

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