Procreation Is Destiny


My fellow Americans.

There are those among you, right-wing Christian fascists for the most part, who have been critical of my recent comments where I said that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice had no right to make major decisions because she never had children.

All she did was combat racism, sexism and academic elitism to become one of the most powerful women in the history of this country.

That's not the kind of role model we want for our young girls.

Besides, she hasn't had any children. She's as barren as the centre of Antarctica, and hence has no right to make any decisions and express any opinions.

Now if she had a few abortions, she'd be all right, that's her choice.

But she didn't.

And that makes her a terrible, terrible person.

That sexist pig Tony Snow even had the brass ones to call my comment a major step back for feminism.


I'm a Democrat, I decide what's best for feminism!

Feminism's role in the world is best decided by people like me. Not people like Condoleeza Rice.

She's a Republican.

All she's concerned about is getting women the right to vote, speak, and not be raped and murdered in crappy little loser countries in the Middle East. She won't join us at the barricades to fight the real threat to feminism.

The shortage of female plumbers in the Midwestern States.

That's the greatest threat free women are facing in the world!

And the barren Condoleeza Rice won't do a damn thing about it.

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