The Truth: Through Rosie Coloured Glasses

An Excerpt From the Blog of
Rosie O'Donnell

-people mad that i accuse american Bush-hitler government of knocking down WTC with the help of the FDNY

-nazi pigs don't know the truth

-it was all a plot to destroy ENRON evidence

-sure they were all convicted and were sentenced to prison, or died, but that doesn't mean squat

-need attention, Trump fight boring everyone now

-need to downplay fascist killers

-need to only believe fascist killer when claiming USA abused them

-need to fuel prejudice against country that made me rich

-need to accuse Bush-hitler of 9/11

-need everyone to understand that columbine was ALL ABOUT ME!

-need doritos

-need hams

-need my own show

-barbra and others are dead wood dragging me down

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